The Best Places to Stay in Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Reservations is your ultimate resource for finding the best Put-in-Bay rentals for your vacation. Each lodging option on the island offers something a little different, so there’s something to fit the needs of every guest. Whether you’re looking for a vacation rental home with enough space to accommodate your entire family or a hotel with a swim-up pool bar, Put-in-Bay, Ohio, has it all. You’re sure to find great service in an excellent location at all of these premier lodging options. It’s time to make fun memories and get into vacation mode. We look forward to seeing you at the Bay!

Are you ready to start living on island time? Browse the full selection of Put-in-Bay lodging and begin planning your trip today!

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Put-In-Bay Hotels and Resorts offer great service and location for your vacation.  Whether you want a suite with a pool in the center of it all or your own Lake Erie Resort with lots of area and private bath, options abound.  The island has a great selection of lodging choices to fit the needs of all guests.

Be sure to look through all of the wonderful properties.  This list has been curated to include the very best options for you and your guests.  We are honored to earn you business and we treat our guests with great care.  Our genuine hope is that you have an outstanding stay and can’t wait for a return visit.

A stay at a Put-In-Bay Resort is a great Summer vacation.  With a multitude of awesome Events and Things to Do, there is never a dull moment on the island.  Fortunately, there are activities for both families and more adult oriented.  So, the clock is ticking.  Have you Booked Your Stay yet?

Put-In-Bay Ohio Hotels: The Place to Play

  • Downtown Location in the Center of Action
  • Swim Up Pool Bar Onsite or at Partner Property
  • Near Great Put-In-Bay Breakfast Restaurants
  • Group Accommodations

The Ultimate Resource for Put-In-Bay Hotels and Resorts

Within our specially selected list, guests can choose from the premier lodging options.  Be sure to carefully choose which option is best for you and your group.  Please, read a review and get a good overview about the Hotels and Resorts you are considering.  We are confident that wonderful options are available.  With good research and evaluation, you too can have a memorable experience on South Bass Island.

Recommended Resorts / Hotels / Rentals

-Island Club Rentals
-Bird’s Nest Resort
-Commodore Resort
-Bay Lodging Resort
-Put-in-Bay Resort & Conference Center
-Put-in-Bay Condos (Poolview and Waterfront Condos)
-Put-in-Bay Victory Station Hotel
-Edgewater Hotel

Living the Put in Bay Resort Life

So, the set your watch to island time and envision living the resort life.  This carefree approach to life will result in worries fading away and stress escaping.  Life is too short not to have some fun, so don’t delay.  No one ever regrets not working more overtime.  However, they regret not taking the time to enjoy life to the fullest.  Research the right Put-In-Bay Hotel or Put in Bay Resort for you.  We look forward to seeing you at the Bay!


The Best Put-in-Bay Attractions

You can find lodging options with swimming pools, free WiFi, Jacuzzi’s, and awesome lake views! Now that you’ve found the perfect place to stay on Put-in-Bay, it’s time to explore all of the wonderful attractions that the island has to offer. There are plenty of things to do on Put-in-Bay, from thrill-inducing watersports to family-friendly activities. Spend your days relaxing by the rocky beach, boating around the island, or uncovering South Bass Island’s rich history. So, what are you waiting for? Hop in your golf cart rental and get ready to see all the sights on Put-in-Bay!

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There are so many great Put-In-Bay Ohio Things to Do and Attractions.  Take the elevator to the top of Perry Monument or explore the waterfront at South Bass Island State Park.  Regardless, there are family-friendly activities and exciting thrills for everyone.

As a visitor to the island, the options are numerous.  First, the preferred way to see it all is by golf cart rental.  A golf cart can take guests to the center of it all and everywhere in between.  South Bass Island is home to some of the most parks per capita than anywhere else.

The island is rich in history and tradition.  To learn more about this storied history, check out the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum.  Here, guests can enrich themselves on the history of the islands, as well as exploring the things to do elsewhere on the island.  The museum is located just behind Put-In-Bay Town Hall on Catawba Avenue.

Put-In-Bay Attractions for Families

  • Perry Cave and Family Fun Center
  • Adventure Bay
  • DeRivera Park
  • Saunders Golf Course
  • Ohio State Stone Lab

Why Put-In-Bay?

A more appropriate question would be: why not?  There is so many things to do on this tiny island in Ohio.  Delve into the past, and discover how islanders have lived for the past centuries.  Learn about the Battle of Lake Erie and its importance at Perry Monument.  Go for an exhilarating ride with Put-In-Bay Parasail.  No matter, the good times and great memories made will be cherished for a lifetime.

Too Much for a Day, So Why Not Stay?

With so many things to do and see, staying on the island is a perfect way to see it all.  This website is an excellent resource to choose from great Put-In-Bay Hotels, Homes, Cabins, Suites and more lodging options.  Furthermore, a plan can be made to take in all of the great Things to Do in Put-In-Bay.

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot


Put-in-Bay Winery

Put-in-Bay Winery


South Bass Island’s Lighthouse

South Bass Island’s Lighthouse


Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church


Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub

Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub


Perry’s Cave Rock Wall

Perry’s Cave Rock Wall


Bay Paddleboarding

Bay Paddleboarding


Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides

Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides


Put-in-Bay Charter Fishing

Put-in-Bay Charter Fishing



Must-Dine Put-in-Bay Restaurants

With the exception of one franchise establishment, Put-in-Bay is home to one-of-a-kind restaurants and dining experiences. The island has delicious options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant with fresh seafood, a kids menu, or an evening cocktail, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds on South Bass Island. Cameo Pizza, The Boardwalk, and Mossbacks are just a few of our favorite restaurants in the heart of Put-in-Bay.

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Put-In-Bay Restaurants and Bars offer so many great menu choices, its hard to pick one.  South Bass Island is home to just one franchise, Subway. Otherwise, all of the establishments are unique to the island.  So, be sure to try the local flavor and see what spot is the favorite.  From pizza to perch, there is truly something for everyone.

All throughout the downtown Put-In-Bay area, there are great options.  Restaurants are located on Delaware, Bayview, Hartford and Catawba Avenues.  Excellent meal service is available for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  So, there are delicious options for all tastes.

Start your day right with a hearty breakfast or opt for local Lake Erie Yellow Perch for lunch on a lovely patio at one of the many wonderful dining options.  The majority of island restaurants are within walking distance of the Put-In-Bay Hotels.  Therefore, good eats are always close within reach.

Island Eats and Cool Treats

Whether you’re looking for a lovely served meal or casual lunch, there is an option for you.  Also, many island establishments have excellent kid menus.  So, kids too can enjoy the culinary delights of the island.  After a beautiful day enjoying the sun and sights of South Bass Island, retreat to the Dairy Isle.  Here, ice cream confections of all kinds tempt taste buds.  Indulge in a heaping hot fudge sundae or a creamy strawberry milkshake.  Stop in and cool off!

Our Favorite Put-In-Bay Ohio Restaurants

  • Cameo Pizza

    • Serving the Best Pizza on Put-in-Bay
  • The Boardwalk

    • Famous for Lobster Bisque; Many Food Options
  • Mossbacks

    • Excellent Burgers; Lakefront
  • Chicken Patio

    • Wine Basted Chicken Cooked on an Open-Pit

So, where will you dine?  The guide available on this site will provide a wealth of information.  Locations, website links, menus and more can be found about the local restaurant scene.  Foodies will rejoice at the diversity of offerings and great places to eat in Put-In-Bay.



Put-in-Bay Events for all ages. Check out a list of upcoming events on Put-in-Bay as you plan your getaway.

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Put-In-Bay Events offer the visitor great entertainment options each year.  Moreover, the range of activities is quite varied An example is tracking a migratory bird species during the Nations biggest birding event in a peace filled wilderness.  In contrast, the island events also include the likes of Kid Rock and the heart pulsing Bash at the Bay.  So, no matter the intensity, there are fun things to do for everyone.

South Bass Island has long been home to a thriving tourism industry.  The great Events has continued to keep guests flocking to the island time and time again.  Fortunately, many of these activities are free.

Each year Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is host to many great gatherings.  This includes one of the most upcoming Put-In-Bay Events, the annual Music Festival.  Held on the grounds of Perry Monument, this concert highlights some of the excellent island talent.  This free event is a must see!

Popular Put-In-Bay Events

  • Spring Fling at the Island Club
  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Independence Day Celebration
  • Fall Ball at the Island Club

So, be sure to look at all of the great things happening over the season.  This website has been designed to be a one-stop resource for all things about Put-In-Bay and the Lake Erie Islands.  We hope that you can find something of interest.

Stay the Night

While some Events are just a day or a few hours, many last over a weekend or several days.  So, getting a place to stay in Put-In-Bay may be the ideal way for the best experience.  Fortunately, we have partnered with the best providers in lodging on the island.  Peruse the great Put-In-Bay Hotels and Homes and Reserve Your Spot today.  Many of the most popular Put-In-Bay Events have limited lodging availability.

Please take the time to review all of the fun things happening on the island.  Chances are you will find the perfect Put-In-Bay Event to attend.  We look forward to welcoming you to our island paradise.

Top 10 Put-in-Bay Questions

How did Put-in-Bay get its name?

The exact origin of the Put-in-Bay name remains somewhat of a mystery, however there are a couple of prevailing theories. The first is that the harbor was shaped like a pudding bag. The second, and more convincing in my opinion, is that the sailors of the time would "put into the bay" to ride out aggressive storms. Whichever is the case, over the years the name evolved into the Put-in-Bay moniker we now have today.

How do I get to Put-in-Bay from my city?

The ferries that take you to Put-in-Bay depart from Port Clinton, OH. Listed below are general directions to Port Clinton from surrounding metropolitan areas.

From Cleveland: Take I-90 West to OH-2 West, then take OH-2 West to OH-53 North to Port Clinton.

From Detroit: Take I-75 South to OH-579 East, then take OH-579 East to OH-2 East, then take OH-2 East to OH-53 North to Port Clinton.

From Pittsburgh: Take I-76 West to I-80 West, then take I-80 West to OH-2 West, then take OH-2 West to OH-53 North to Port Clinton.

From Chicago: Take I-90 East to OH-53 North, stay on OH-53 North for Port Clinton

From Cincinnati: Take I-75 North to US-6 East, then take US-6 East to OH-53 North to Port Clinton.

What island is Put-in-Bay on?

While most people refer to the island itself as Put-in-Bay, in reality Put-in-Bay is the name of the village on the island. No one will ever give you a hard time for calling the island Put-in-Bay, but the actual name of the island is South Bass Island. It is one of the three Bass Islands, along with North Bass and Middle Bass. North Bass Island is private property, but there are a couple establishments open to the public on Middle Bass. A ferry called the Sonny S runs from Put-in-Bay to Middle Bass Island and back.

Is there a liquor store on Put-in-Bay?

Put-in-Bay does not have a state liquor store. Island establishments are able to sell up to 42 proof liquor, but anything stronger than that is only available at the island’s bars. You are, however, of course welcome to bring liquor from the mainland. The nearest state liquor agency to the Miller Ferry Dock is Bassett’s Market in Port Clinton.

Can you just visit Put-in-Bay for the day?

Of course! We would estimate about half of our visitors every summer do not stay on the island overnight. Many ferry over in the morning and head back on the last boat. That being said, there is way too much to explore at the Bay for one afternoon to be enough! We definitely recommend spending a couple of nights at Put-in-Bay!

What happened at Put-in-Bay Ohio?

Put-in-Bay has a fascinating history, which you can read about in more depth here, but here are some bullet points. The waters surrounding Put-in-Bay, Ohio were home to the Battle of Lake Erie, the most famous battle of the War of 1812. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry (whose name you will find on many Put-in-Bay establishments) earned an American naval victory which turned the tide of the war and eventually led to America’s victory. Put-in-Bay was also home to Hotel Victory, which was at one time the largest hotel in the world, before it burned down in 1919.

What is Put-in-Bay weather like?

3 weeks behind! That may sound weird, but allow me to explain. Put-in-Bay is, of course, surrounded by water, Lake Erie to be specific. The lake freezes in the winter, and this is where the unique weather at Put-in-Bay comes from. The temperature of the lake remains cold as the ice melts, so while the mainland begins to experience warmer weather in April, the island remains cold for a couple of extra weeks. The same effect is experienced at the end of summer, when the water temperature gives the island an extra couple weeks of summer weather!

What is there to do in Put-in-Bay?

Put-in-Bay is full of activities for all ages. From breathtaking caves to beautiful green spaces, water activities and historical sites, day trippers and families visiting the island will find it hard to get to everything. And that’s just the beginning. Put-in-Bay is famous in the Midwest for its nightlife. The downtown Put-in-Bay area is awash with bars, restaurants, nightclubs, live music and more. It is the perfect place for a bachelor or bachelorette party, a family reunion, a work retreat, or just a regular old getaway with friends!

Can I bring a car to Put-in-Bay?

The short answer is yes, you can bring your vehicle over to the island via the Miller Ferry. However, we do not recommend it. First off there is the expense, it is $17 to transport a vehicle to the island, and $17 more to bring it back. Another major issue during the busy season is parking. Finding a spot downtown on a summer weekend is near impossible. That’s why golf carts are so popular on the island, they simply take up less space! Between taxis and golf cart rentals, as well as simply walking (Put-in-Bay is not very large!), most people’s transportation needs can easily be met without bringing their vehicle to the island.

When does Put-in-Bay open and close for the season?

During the winter months, nearly all of Put-in-Bay’s businesses are closed for the season. Only one or two restaurants remain open, and none of the hotels or vacation rentals accommodate guests. While technically you can come to island for the day as long as the ferries are running, there is not much point to visiting between November and February. Most lodging on the island take reservations for fishermen beginning in April, but if you intend to visit Put-in-Bay and experience what the island has to offer in terms of shopping, dining and nightlife, our season runs from May to October.

Put-in-Bay Lodging

Thanks for Visiting Put-in-Bay Reservations! This site was specifically designed to help you find the leaders in Put-in-Bay rental homes, cottages, condos, or hotels on South Bass Island, Ohio. Put-in-Bay is a village on South Bass Island. It is about 5 miles off the shores of Ohio near Sandusky and Port Clinton, in the Lake Erie Islands.

But if you found this site we figure you already know all about the fun, nightlife, bars, restaurants, shopping, fishing, attractions, Perry Monument, and family activities and events that the island has to offer.

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Golf cart cruising and spectacular tour sights await.  Moreover, the great family-friendly events and things to do keep the island abuzz.

South Bass Island in Ohio, home to Put-In-Bay, is a favorite vacation destination.  Week or weekend, fun times always await on the Lake.  Staying on the island gives guests the best ways to see it all.  Fortunately, there is a wide range of accommodations to satisfy all groups

Put-In-Bay Lodging Options

  • Hotels
  • Homes
  • Condos
  • Cabins
  • Suites
  • Bed and Breakfast

Put-In-Bay, Putnbay and More!

The island of Put in Bay has a name that is not soon forgotten.  However, you would be surprised at the many misspellings of our favorite Lake Erie Island.  Americans thought that the Russians were tampering with our elections.  Perhaps, they are messing with our Putin Bay Island too!  Others have decided to omit a letter with the common misstep with Put n bay.  Below is a list of other fun and quirky wrong spellings of PIB!

  • Put-in-Bay
  • Put in Bay
  • Put in Bay
  • PIB
  • Put n Bay
  • Putnbay
  • Putting Bay
  • Pudding Bay


Why Stay on Put-In-Bay?

A better question would be: Why Not?  The island is teeming with fun things to do, great planned events and a very relaxing atmosphere.  A vacation to Put-In-Bay can include fishing on Lake Erie, a trip to the top of Perry Monument and golf cart tour of the island. Also, throughout the season there are specials and discounts on lodging.  So, keep an eye out for these deals to save some money during your next Lake Erie vacation.

When deciding to put an island in your life, be sure to do the research when finding a place to stay.  Not all Put-In-Bay Lodging options are created equal.  The properties listed on this site have been carefully selected.  Moreover, they must meet our quality standards for service.  A wealth of information is provided to make the best choice for your group.

Best Accommodations
In Put in Bay

Listed on our site are some of the best accommodations on the island. We only provide you with the best Put-in-Bay hotels and lodging and the most fun cottages, homes, and rentals anywhere on the island (Ohio, South Bass Island).

We have included a brief description of each accommodation, a link to the hotel or cottage Website, their 3D virtual tour (if available), a request for a reservation, and an online reservation link if applicable. Also, there is information and links for shopping, restaurants, attractions, Frequently asked questions, and Island Transportation.

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Also, information links for shopping, restaurants, attractions, Frequently asked questions, and the Island Transportation is on this excellent Put-In-Bay Resource.  Guests wishing to come to the island can plan what things to do and activities they want to do.  Therefore, they can prepare for an exceptional Ohio Island Vacation.

Accept Nothing But the Best Put-In-Bay Accommodations

Money is hard to come by.  Therefore, when planning a Put-In-Bay vacation, take care to ensure your money is well spent.  This site has been specifically designed to be the ultimate vacation planning tool.  Here, the best Put-In-Bay Hotels and Resorts listed provide the best places to stay on the island.

We take great pride in being the best in South Bass Island Hospitality.  There is much care and consideration taken to ensure your stay is enjoyable and memorable.  If you don’t choose to stay with us, please do the research and be sure you are getting the best service and price.  Thank you for visiting and please take some time to dive into all of the great Content.

See You at the Bay!

This site is a great starting point to plan a trip to Put-In-Bay.  Review the variety of attractions, pick a fun event, discover a Put-in-Bay ferry, find a Put-in-Bay taxi ride and explore the lodging options.  We are confident you will enjoy an island vacation.  Join the thousands of revelers who choose to put an island in their life each year.

Miscellaneous PIB Info

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial was built to commemorate the great victory Oliver Hazard Perry led in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. He also is credited with discovering Perry’s Cave, which now is a family fun center that includes the cave as well as geode/gemstone mining, mini golf, and the Butterfly House. Seen enough of the island? The Jet Express can take you to Kelley’s Island from PIB or you can take the Sonny-S from the Boardwalk to see Middle Bass Island. The Miller Ferry offers service to Middle Bass as well but only from it’s main dock at Catawba Island (Port Clinton). The Great Lake Erie, and specifically PIB is known as the Walleye Capital of the World to many fisherman, and the Key West of the North to many tourists. Don’t forget to check out the South Bass Island Lighthouse while you’re here then head to the State Park picnic areas for a lakeside lunch.