Hand scooped ice cream from DJ’s Ice Cream is pretty much mandatory on a hot summer day at Put-in-Bay. Nothing will enhance your leisurely walks around the island like a great ice cream cone. The friendly staff of DJ’s will make sure your visit is wonderful. They’ll serve you up one of their 16 flavors of ice cream to give you that boost to enjoy some more of the shopping and attractions on the island. From the staples like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, to more exotic flavors like Superman and mint chocolate chip, there’s sure to be something to meet everyone’s needs here.

DJ’s Ice Cream Offerings

But DJ’s isn’t all about ice cream. The waffles at DJ’s Ice Cream are a Put-in-Bay breakfast tradition. Join DJ’s on their awesome outdoor patio if the weather is nice. Otherwise, take your breakfast inside if it’s a little chilly. Either way, you’re getting DJ’s famous delicious waffles with the island’s freshest fruit, the perfect way to start your day. It’s no wonder so many people choose it as the preferred way to kick start their weekend morning at Put-in-Bay.

And if you’re in the area around dinner time, don’t fret. DJ’s Ice Cream has you covered with their signature sandwiches. This is a relaxing, fast-casual dining experience that will leave you with more time to enjoy your evening, compared to most of the sit down restaurants in downtown Put-in-Bay. If you’re looking for quick and tasty, DJ’s is your place!

No matter what time of day you show up at DJ’s Ice Cream, you’ll be leaving with a smile on your face, having just enjoyed a great experience. And it’s very nearby downtown, so once you’re done at DJ’s, you can do some shopping and enjoy the sights and sounds of Ohio’s best vacation getaway, Put-in-Bay!


Catherine L: “This place is a gem! Incredibly friendly staff, a very personable owner and a LOVELY sitting area under decorative lights and a natural canopy. Not to mention the ice cream is some of the best. Highly recommend!”

Amy R: “Absolutely enjoyed my birthday waffles, with ice cream! And the morning waitress was wonderful! Keep up the great job!”

Karen D: “DJ’s is a great locally owned shop, and has a pleasant outdoor seating area. Sit and watch the world go by!”



258 Toledo Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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May 20, 2019

Спасибо за информацию!!!!!