Until you can make it to Put-in-Bay in person, we’re happy to bring PIB right to you with our brand new webcams! From the amazing waterfront view at the Put-in-Bay Condos, to sweeping all over the Put-in-Bay Harbor, and the “Hi Mom!” cam at the famous Mr. Ed’s, there is always going to be something interesting happening!

Put-in-Bay Boardwalk Lobster Bisque Cam

Sunset Monument Cam (West)

Mr Ed's "Hi Mom" Bar Cam

Put-in-Bay Condos Cam

Ship House Cam

Sunrise Monument Cam (East)

The Best Put-in-Bay Ohio Webcams!

One thing we’ve come to learn in our years at Put-in-Bay is that people really love this place! There is an attachment to PIB that is so strong, and people wish they could be there all the time! Of course a Put-in-Bay Ohio winter isn’t particularly hospitable, but with these Put-in-Bay webcams you can take a trip to the Bay through your phone or computer monitor! Great for the times you can’t be there in person!

A Put-in-Bay Webcam On Every Corner Of The Island!

We’ve got all sorts of webcams set up on this page that will show you tons of different things at Put-in-Bay. Take The Boardwalk “Lobster Bisque” cam, perfect for panning around the Put-in-Bay Harbor, seeing Perry’s Monument and watching the Jet Express roll in from Port Clinton. We even get some shots of our neighbor to the north, Middle Bass Island, and the OSU Stone Lab. What about the Miller Ferry? Well you can see the Miller Boat Line coming to and from Catawba Island on the Put-in-Bay Condos webcam! The Condos webcam also lets you see all the way to the mainland in Sandusky including Cedar Point, as well as our beautiful neighbor, Ohio’s Kelleys Island!

The Best Lake Erie Webcams are here!

Did you think we were done? Not even close! Opposite the Put-in-Bay Condos cam is the Benson Ford Ship House webcam, showing the waters on the other side of PIB. In the winter you can see the ice shanties out on the frozen lake for ice fishing! These may be some of the best shots of Lake Erie Shores. You can also see one hell of a sunset here! In fact, the Put-in-Bay Island Guide’s Facebook page has become somewhat famous for showing these sunsets from the Benson Ford live webcam. And then, of course, there is the Mr. Ed’s “Hi Mom” cam! This is the camera where the action is at on a Put-in-Bay summer weekend, as it pans up and down Delaware Avenue, showing everyone enjoying their nights out in amazing downtown Put-in-Bay!

See What’s Happening On South Bass Island!

Those are the four cameras we’ve got for now, but there may be more on the way soon. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you may be able to get a more…elevated view of South Bass Island soon! In the meantime, our four cameras show what we think is a comprehensive view of what’s happening at Put-in-Bay at any given moment, and share some breathtaking images of an island famous for creating incredible scenic shots!

Come to Put-in-Bay Ohio In Person This Year!

But listen. These cameras are great, and an awesome way to spend a few minutes getting away from your day-to-day for a little island life. But they don’t even come close to visiting us in person! We want to see you at the Bay in 2022! Click the link for our favorite Put-in-Bay lodging options like hotels & resorts and plan your trip to Put-in-Bay. You may be able to see the Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals zipping by on the Mr. Ed’s cam, but that’s not the same as driving one! And check out the Put-in-Bay Events calendar to see if there’s a date that works really well for you! Our guests come from Cleveland, Toledo, Michigan and all over the Midwest, and we hope you’ll join them!