Live Views of Put-in-Bay, Ohio:
Experience the Island Virtually with Our Webcams

Experience Put-in-Bay, Ohio, from the comfort of your home with our new, live webcams! Get a glimpse of the island’s beautiful waterfront from the Put-in-Bay Condos camera, enjoy panoramic views of Put-in-Bay Harbor, and catch the lively atmosphere at the popular Mr. Ed’s with our “Hi Mom!” cam. Whether you’re planning a future visit or just curious about island life, our webcams offer a window into the exciting and dynamic world of Put-in-Bay. Stay connected and see what’s happening right now in this charming island community.

Put-in-Bay Boardwalk Lobster Bisque Cam

Sunset Monument Cam (West)

Mr Ed's "Hi Mom" Bar Cam

Put-in-Bay Condos Cam

Ship House Cam

Sunrise Monument Cam (East)

Enjoy Put-in-Bay, Ohio, Like Never Before with Our Live Webcams!

At Put-in-Bay, Ohio, people from all corners of the world find a special connection here, wanting to be a part of its vibrant life constantly. While winters in Put-in-Bay can be chilly and less inviting, our array of live webcams brings the island’s spirit to you, no matter where you are. Whether you’re on your phone or computer, these webcams offer a virtual journey to Put-in-Bay. Ideal for those moments when you can’t be there physically, they provide a real-time glimpse into the island’s daily life and stunning landscapes. From the bustling streets to the quiet waters, witness the magic of Put-in-Bay from anywhere in the world!

Put-in-Bay’s Panoramic Island Webcams: A View from Every Corner!

Our collection of webcams offers a diverse view of Put-in-Bay’s beauty. The Boardwalk “Lobster Bisque” cam is perfect for panoramic views of Put-in-Bay Harbor, including Perry’s Monument and the arrival of the Jet Express from Port Clinton. Additionally, catch a glimpse of Middle Bass Island and the prestigious OSU Stone Lab. Don’t miss the Miller Ferry on the Put-in-Bay Condos webcam, showcasing its journey to and from Catawba Island. This particular webcam also boasts views stretching to Sandusky’s mainland, including Cedar Point, and offers a stunning perspective of Kelleys Island. These webcams not only connect you to the island’s daily activities but also bring into focus the broader beauty of Ohio’s Lake Erie islands.

Discover the Best Lake Erie Webcams Right Here!

Our Lake Erie webcam collection is far from complete! Another remarkable view is offered by the Benson Ford Ship House webcam, which showcases the other side of Put-in-Bay. During winter, it captures the unique sight of ice shanties dotting the frozen lake, perfect for ice fishing enthusiasts. These webcams provide some of the most stunning visuals of Lake Erie’s shores. Plus, witness breathtaking sunsets that have made our Put-in-Bay Island Guide’s Facebook page a go-to spot for live sunset views. And let’s not forget the Mr. Ed’s “Hi Mom” cam, a hotspot for capturing the lively Put-in-Bay summer weekends. This camera pans up and down Delaware Avenue, bringing to you the nightlife and gatherings in downtown Put-in-Bay. So, whether you’re seeking lake views or lively street scenes, our webcams have it all!

Plan Your Visit to Put-in-Bay, Ohio, in 2024 &
Stay Tuned to Upcoming Events

While our webcams offer a quick glimpse into island life, they can’t compare to the experience of being here in person. We’re excited to invite you to Put-in-Bay in 2024! Explore our top lodging options, including Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos, Island Club Rentals, Commodore Resort and many many more. Imagine driving a Put-in-Bay golf cart through the island’s scenic routes, a sight often caught on our Mr. Ed’s cam, but infinitely more thrilling in person. Our Put-in-Bay Events calendar is filled with activities perfect for visitors from Cleveland, Toledo, Michigan, and beyond. Join our diverse community of guests who have discovered the unique charm and excitement of Put-in-Bay. Don’t just watch the island life unfold on camera; be a part of it and create unforgettable memories!