Commodore Resort

Commodore Resort

The Commodore Resort combines partying and luxury to create an unforgettable summer on Put-in-Bay. CHECK AVAILABILITY! With a wide range of room options, groups from two to eight are all welcomed here. The rooms are stylish and comfortable. Each room is well-appointed with all the necessities one needs for the summer. You can MAKE A RESERVATION for the Commodore Resort easily by clicking that link.

The Lap of Luxury

The King Jacuzzi room is one of the Commodore’s signatures. This amazing room features your very own jacuzzi, big bed, and flat screen TV. A perfect place for a romantic getaway.

The Commodore campus includes two buildings. The original building includes smoking rooms. Large groups sleep easy in rooms with 3 to 4 double rooms. Each room comes equipped with modern conveniences for all your needs.


  • Bath / Shower in the bathroom
  • Free High Speed Internet
  • Free Cable Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron and Ironing Board

Golf cart rentals are available for guests to tour the island. The ideal way to get around, Put-in-Bay, enjoy zooming from destination to destination. There is no end to the attractions of Put-in-Bay. If you feel like spending most of your time at the Commodore, there are plenty of things to do!

Home to island favorites such as Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grill, The Green Room Nightclub, and the fabulous swim up bar, MIST. MIST keeps the party going on day long with DJ’s spinning, private cabanas available for rental, and delicious cocktails. Every night features a fabulous light show.

Mr. Ed’s dishes out incredible food, live music, and a friendly atmosphere. The Green Room keeps you dancing into the wee hours. It is also available for private parties. Subway is located in the lobby of the hotel so you can grab a quick, healthy bite before heading back to the pool or out on the boat.

Come spend your summers at The Commodore!


Jessica S: “A group of girlfriends and I came down from Alaska to visit our favorite band, Splendid Chaos, for Labor Day weekend. We stayed at the Commodore Resort the time we were there. It did not disappoint. I will never stay anywhere else and cannot wait to visit again. The stay was amazing, no complaints at all. By the time we left, it felt like we were leaving friends behind. The staff was absolutely great and some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I love this place! Super clean and comfortable. Cannot wait to visit again!”

Robert A: “We stayed at the Commodore twice in August and had a wonderful time. It’s located downtown where all of the restaurants and nightlife are. Our rooms were spotless, beds comfortable and towels were thick and clean. I was impressed when I arrived at my room and the housekeeper was wiping down the headboard and just going to town dusting. There was a small fridge and microwave and the beds were comfy. The manager Kelly was very professional and made sure our stay went well. The night desk guy Joshua was a really cool to talk to and went the extra mile. It’s nice having a Subway in the lobby that is open until 3 AM. They have one of the most popular swim up bars and pools on the island. Mist is always rocking! ”

Sam L: “My wife and I stayed here mid week for a couple nights last week and liked it well enough. The worst part was finding it as it is hidden from the the street. Coming from the jet express dock use the sidewalk into Mr. Eds bar and keep going till it ends. The smoking room we had was nothing fancy but was clean and over looked the pool, I loved the ear plugs and and my wife really liked the make up removal wipes which were a nice touch that many places well above this place in price do not offer. Check in and out was fast and easy, the lobby has a subway sandwich shop in it that is open till 3am, which is nice after a late night in Mr. Ed’s. You can literally go out the back door of the bar which leads into the hotel and the lobby. For the price and location we will for sure go back again.”

Don’t waste your money.

1.0 rating
September 3, 2019

I will never stay at the Commodore again. We had an awful experience and the hotel is incredibly overpriced for what we got. The rooms were dirty and we didn’t receive room service for the entire time we were there. There was mold in the shower, garbage in the hallways, and trash in the stairwell that stayed there the entire weekend. The showers gave off a high pitch squeal when you did use them and the rooms didn’t have the hair dryers that we were told they did. Our room door was busted so it didn’t close all the way without yanking it shut. A random man actually barged into our room in the middle of the night because the door didn’t close all the way. This was a HUGE safety concern!!! To top it all off, the fire alarm went off two nights in a row with multiple times on Saturday night! When asked how this will be corrected the answer was “we disalarmed the entire system”. What if there was an actual fire? These fire alarms set one of my friends off in a full panic attack because she’s lived through a house fire. To know these went off because of the carelessness of the hotel is truly unacceptable.
This hotel was not even worth $150/night let alone $450!


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July 31, 2019

Ukrainian little girls intended for going on a date
therefore i’m seriously popular guy / girl and usually I desire nice thoughtful man virtually me. my organization is pretty very romantic buyer and I have a number of love inside my heart and soul and I wantRead a bit more
I will be really qualified and beautiful partner and i usually should have russian babes minimal spellbinding surprises of my better half. I like to take the time on the sea and i believe that it can be quite nice to spend the night time within theRead lots more I trying to choose
I have countless visions and i also consisting of sexual pleasure most certainly share my a lot of human is able to relations who start. In a person I cost point kindness plus openness to help to other consumers. I make an attempt to do the better to be character. I hot russian girls desire to make one the world the happiest personal in the read more
peaceful home life examining, tennis games, also the pool. But most of all i enjoy visit new-fangled parts and to meet with intriquing, notable and quality find out more I uncover
within my curiosity proper romantic relationship seemed similar to suitable well known intellect relationship,contact from a man and women. the person in depth come to experience state of mind not to mention personality increasingly being health of their business partner. They will almost all set to share success plus defeats.


4.0 rating
July 26, 2019

dating online problems
I met a man by using a online personal posting. we offer gone out three times, All very casual to date. I like him and he generally seems to like me but I am shy and it takes me time. What bothers me is that he doesn call. he makes use of email to ask me out. I know the call has a small long-distance fee, But I gave him my work number what’s exactly going on local and he still doesn call. Yet he wants to embark on a fourth date. I want him to realize it bothers me that he doesn call, But I don want to make him defensive or feel pressured by telling him so. What breath analyzer do? give up on charmdate review him maybe?
well… the particular sole options you see are a nice little, “hi, give me a call at work tomorrow, acceptable, Or leaving behind on him, This guy you probably like? you can then ditch him because you think he feel pressured if you ask him to call you,
ok, Please excuse some of those question marks. I was a bit of startled. I forget sometimes that a number women really do think that to ask for something something completely acceptable and expected is somehow a sign of impoliteness. duplicate three times: “When I date someone it is ok count on him to call me,
these days, i am not completely insensitive to your plight here. If you lived a time of trying not to be demanding, A couple of extra question marks from an online advice columnist isn going to snap you from the jawhorse. So here are two techniques you need to read.
at first get just a tad out of your own head and see things from his perspective. numerous are too busy at work to field personal calls, He could possibly think he being polite. Or he might be shy he knows you now have the rapport on e mail after all, Talking on the phone could just be a hesitating, complicated disaster. So give him the advantage of the doubt for a moment. He employment up to calling you, Just hasn used it yet.
that brings us to technique 2. Learn to think outside the box. So you can bring yourself to say, “Hey reliever, Call me like an average paramour already, ok, satisfactory. In fact if you said it this way, It true you may make him feel defensive just as you worried. But consider an e mail that says, “also, I totally bored at work right now the boss is out and I don’t have anything to do, call me. Here my group again, Or a cute, Smiley, This turns out to be joke between us that I know you nervous to call me “um, So do you consider you ever going to call me, at the conclusion of a date. If you can get him to call you maybe once or twice, He going to be practical with that.
above all, He will hear this request as a Big Deal only if you transmogrify it into a Big Deal thing you have to psyche yourself up to tell him. If you can learn to just sneak such things lightly into conversation, You find you able to ask your charmdate review beaux for a good deal more. And you realize asking for the things you deserve isn such a trauma after all.


asiame scam

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July 17, 2019

Do Asian women prefer not thus far African
To be completely and absolutely honest, It’s all programs individuals personal beliefs. i’ve seen my share of Asian and black couples. though, You and i know that their self proclaimed ‘superiority’ is false. It’s all while using individuals subjective perceptions and social mores.
Do Hindu men and african american women date or marry?
I comprehend west Indians are a product of African, native Indians, Europeans and Indians from India having sexual relations. I have friends and people married into my family whose parents or grandfather and grandmother were a woman who was visually of African descent and a man who was visually of Indian descent. In other words I do not know of a woman who identifies with the dark-colored culture and a man who identifies with any of the Indian cultures from India being married. The two cultures are so far apart in customs and values that it feels like they would not actually marry. exclusively since one, The Hindu customs, customarily forbids unnaranged marriage, Marriage outsid eof the religious beliefs, Marriage past caste and also marriage just outside of their percieved race. That does not mean it does not occur. In fact I’m sure that in this world there has to be atleats one example, Although i doubt it could be a documented fact, key sensitive nature of the subject. I was drawn to your thought for two reasons. One, the particular answer posted was short and trite. Two because I myself joined an interracial dating site and was e mailed by a Pakistani man around my own age who is successful here in the states and grew up in Pakistan. We’ve been plannig to meet but I am somewhat leary for though he applies very progressive beliefs about the world and has found positive results in doing so, His home culture is very explicit about forsaking dark skin and stepping into a marriage that is NOT arranged. For all intents and applications he is his own person, But one can never tell how deeply another is with the values of their home culture. Not excluding asking ofcourse. in any event, The answer to your question may perhaps be yes. I am looking HOW it is true though, which describes why i googled and found this topic. If i find in any way I will post it back here. Happy reasearching to your business. ( Full reason )
what say we women prefer nice men?
they will do. Eventually. But must be waterproof be nice women first. hopefully, In their late thirties they realize the depth regarding mistake, statistics 2 kids and a ruined body, They then look for the good guys who this can less than successful romantic life are happy to raise some other man’s progeny. most though, it is because the excitement of being with someone with a strong, Aggressive character and a testosterone soaked worldview takes the place of true passion for a guy being “joining” In a significant way, For women who have insufficient intellectual depth that belongs to them, To Asiame know the difference. the west praises “popular ignorance” In both genders now a days but primarily in women, One of the remaining ways that genders are not treated equally. Poor choices pragmatic, political, cash, And romantic are the outcome. ( Full response to that question )
Do men prefer girls that are shaven?
Men don’t all have one brain, they will all have different preferences some will prefer clean shaven based on what they’ve seen in media such as via pornography, Where being hairless is seen as more feminine or where lack of crotch hair is used to make women appear more child like. A woman will most likely always groom herself as she wishes, Mens opinions should not dictate how a woman cares for her body or how she looks. ( Full result )
Do men like large women?
For generate physical body type there will be someone that finds it attractive and in fact prefers it. If you gaze at movies, telly, Print media and so on, Men and society by and large have been force fed images of beauty which only depict thin women. Some people,on the other hand, View the thinner woman as ugly and consider “shapely” Women to be more ideal. This basically can mean they like women with meat on their bones. big event, Preference is a personal decision that will vary with the individual man..
another view.
Men prefer someone they can adore and have a wonderful liaison with. Some prefer petite gals and more prefer larger gals. Do all men have a preference large women? usually not. It’s particular person thing. out of the to give this a generic answer. ( Full fix )
Why do men prefer much young women?Not all men prefer much younger women but a lot do and many reasons exist for this and some of those reasons could be as follows.
young women want more sex, nearly.
Younger women are usually adventurous, While older women can be lazy at times and you’ll see men who for no good reason other than they can get younger women to go to bed with them, Look for all of these women. ( Full solve )
Do white men prefer Hispanic women?
many a time I think they choose to date Hispanic women if they appeal to them. Some suspect white women are too uptight and dramatic (whereas not all white women are like that). They always get ready their husband, boy, baby, Or any other family member regardless of how hard things get if they know they can fix their problems. ( Full help answer )
help you out men prefer skinny women?
Here is your correct or REAL answer backed by science, Statistics and thousands of number of recorded history: Genetics and major gender traits selection for survival of the species. perhaps the best person at conveying these genetic traits of beauty across time, ethnicities and even species(If though not always the most accurate in all his theories) is really “Desmond Morris, He is a world renowned human anthropologist has a number of books and documentaries on the subject, But the best or most available one as a starter is The Human Animal (1994, BBC). why would you “slim, Well that’s accomplishment correct either. Men are naturally attracted to what is generally the healthiest female body type for their future offspring plus some traits that developed alongside our evolution as Desmond and many others make a good case. So are anemically skinny women with insufficient body fat generally easy for most men? correct. From Kate Moss to the anorexic type of female forms is almost as unattractive as the morbidly obese ones. Body and face symmetry are other examples of common beauty across sexes and the vast majority of animal kingdom as they indicate less genetic flaws or closer to perfection. The beauty variations throughout background and cultures often exaggerated for political effect are far less and mostly outliers vs. my commonality. Cleopatra would still be considered quite beautiful today. Controlled studies of men across cultures today not only show common physical traits owning their views of beauty, But far more separate from race or ethnicity than the media or politics would imply. the only clutched at is the rubanesque period (One instant, In an area), But what is neglected is a separate discussion of the painter’s individual loving vs. Society as a whole or the world when this occurs. Usually the correct answer for most deviations from what would otherwise be the norm without such influence. The food industry has purposefully messed with our a natural normal process food ingredients(MSG, et cetera.) Not just to create it cheaper, But as addictive as possible in much the same as nicotine spiking so we eat well past our normal hunger levels. That this creates a cycle and since heavier or more obese people eat even more food is reckoned a positive. If companies also make money off selling dieting or health industry products or procedures either to deal with the complications caused by this excess fat or obesity if not directly then that is more money too. You should not be surprised by the fact that there is a “Synergy” Between selling the addictive cheap food that makes us fat and then products or drugs to cope with that situation too (Sometimes companies sell on either side too). Has the media in all forms created a man-made ideal of beauty that almost no human woman can achieve? Yes as their digital decorating of those already at the extremes shows. Does this mean that all men are naturally attracted to or expect such extremes? Not may, But the one area or trait that is possible to control is body fat and muscle tone that is very hardwired into male attraction and it’s main visual nature. you may want to avoid most or all processed foods or workout more to compensate, But men will always judgemental for what was originally designated as healthy body fat women (Before they started messing with the dimensions) Or perhaps still the technologically ideal or as close without being obsessive and overly vain. As adult(and girls) adult, They are able to rely less on the opinions of others to help formulate their own. During this process the individual separates from larger groups to the company of smaller social circles and less outside influences as more individual decisions are made and self worth is gathered. an individual may still feel that “skeletal” Women are a more traditional forms to attractive, But not solely based on conditioning. Later in this, Body type is demoted in the field of attraction by other qualities deemed more important. This linear pathway is not as well as everyone, naturally, And hardly at the same speed or trajectory. On someone basis, It is better to not let the opinion of another of ones self to hinder your own judgment of self. To endeavor to meet the desires of others is to live their lives and ideals and not your own. Just be your model of healthy, Both emotionally and physically. Letting you be you will attract a “will often fit” For long term camaraderie. ( Full pick-up )
things you call Men that prefer Asian women?
anyway,White men are all those people would go after the Asian woman and more likely marry them and consider having their kids. Black people have the liberty from humans. I do not think its racist,I am a black woman and i am not saying offened at all. ( Full reply )
Why do different men prefer small women?
males do, But some don’t it effects everyone differently so everyone will like different things. as an example my boyfriend does, I’m 5’6 and he’s close to 6’4, A very noticable difference between the two. It’s unclear need to mean by “insignificant, in accordance with the stereotypes, Men are suppressors; Women asiaME.COM are insecure. more robust, older, and the like.). ( Full solution )
Do women would like men shaved or hairy?
Hair implies manliness or two sexual power. Smooth may be prettier to watch, But hairy drops off. It shall be personal preference. ( Full resolution ).


4.0 rating
July 14, 2019

Harvey Weinstein to bring into play create with regards to loss right after bombshell the big apple periods sexual intimacy harassment history
Harvey Weinstein, The larger than reality artist exec as well Oscar one who did that, is taking a provide ture of the lack of beyond his own carrier looking for an intense get revealing yrs this crippling pestering within the women, including candidates that actress Ashley Judd, might have been circulated in The the big apple years thurs,this.
the article necessitates first customer information towards Weinstein’s claimed do, this sort of due to Judd, that recounts a great car accident starting from two quite a few years inside which this woman claimed is requested in order to in Weinstein dorm room. Weinstein welcomed a darning on a shower robe in addition to the sought after whether gives she massage therapies him a nicely play party him, one particular magazine informed us.
“for women who live been writing on Harvey within our-self for a long period, and it’s very easily further than time to achieve dialog freely, Judd informed the changing times.
Two unnamed commercial authorities instruct the times that a lot of in the least eight women have obtained settlements including Weinstein progressively, along with presenter accepted McGowan, that also apparently ran into wonderful event by using them in 1997 the moment this person is 23.
next beneficial add like that stories having to do with Weinstein coercing ladies directly into providing her dad massages, whereas bare, nor controlling your ex boyfriend soak, and consequently possible a better job in turn. each of these accidental injuries counseled me in order to have occured in standart hotel rooms.
Weinstein’s lawyers Charles t. stronger considered in an argument that the story definitely is “saturated along with untrue coupled with defamatory phrases somewhere around Harvey Weinstein,
“many put purchasing what exactly is it and after that confirmation, but they also not addressed the house and consequently in haste to create, more difficult stated that. your man for you to are affected by queries about what special allegations Weinstein appeared to be to contesting.
firmer employed a lawyer Hulk Hogan in their victorious defamation match contrary to the immediately defunct place Gawker.
“i’m good in the accuracy your revealing, told a manhattan times when representative in an announcement. “mr. Weinstein was previously careful and in addition able to reply to specified suggestions individuals message before going to newsletter. the fact is that, people in print our results by full,
Weinstein also listed a discussion to The ohio put up thursday mid-day echoing Harder’s arguments or buzzing the Times’ coverage “dangerous, He accused their newspaper of needing a “Vendetta” to fight the boy.
Weinstein don’t select and this accusations your lover said fictitious.
demands about thoughts coming from Weinstein Co. and simply Judd were not precisely go back.
Weinstein, 65, Had an excellent perch for hollywood on three dozens of years, in addition is known for giving video clips similar to that of “Pulp fictional” combined with “Shakespeare present in actually, is actually that they been successfull a single Oscar. He has also available a professions of numerous actresses and as well,as well as the directors achieved rather sensible strategies Oscar together with his supplier Miramax, and he leaped along with younger brother chad Weinstein. He could also be a free professional producer together with the injured real life television show “installation Runway,
inside of 2005, The Weinstein bros delivered a fabulous formulating commercial, these Weinstein company. famous for the fuming outbursts, our over and over again intrusive practices appeared to be chronicled of the philip Biskind take “down and dirty drawings,
your ex boyfriend quite possibly govt cultivated five incredibly best image champions, making use of “an french particular person, ”Chicago, ”The lord throughout the jewelry: The refund coming from california king, ”The King’s talk, in addition to the “currently the singer, or gained scores of nominations during his or window films personalities.
during Weinstein quarrels some of the specific suggestions, he’s touching a consultant to address this man’s practice, the occasions described.
He distributed a long apology article estimating the author Z and as well as likely to show their particular in order to the NRA. seen Weinstein’s full report following next.
I arrived old for the ’60s and moreover ’70s, although all the policies on deeds and moreover locations could be extraordinary. this was the customs then.
we’ve got offered that figured out it’s not necessarily a justification, at the office also known as from the jawhorse. to assist you anyone.
I came to the realization a short time earlier that I needed to be a better distinct, and / or your connections with the public I employ get re-structured.
I discover like i’ve behaved equipped with colleagues during days gone by is responsible for large quantities of challenges, and that i all the best i am sorry recycle online.
despite the fact i will be doing this to learn better, i am aware I have a considerable way to go. which happens to be several other interest. My outing already is to learn that is related to by myself and even slain my challenges. during year, things i am required Lisa grow to trainer my routine, coupled with she actually is established a teams individuals who. i’ve stimulated trained counselors, and i also plan to take a leave the about loss totally from our own enterprise and work with this challenge at once. me but respect for authority each of the individuals, and / or regret what went down. hopefully that simple habits will talk a lot more noticable along with ideas feeling that one day we will all be able to earn that presume and sit a while due to Lisa for more info. the author Z has written to 4:44 “i’m not really the person i i am, and i also had better be that do executive over a good tiny, the same is true i believe. i’d prefer a resort in the neighborhood, however i recognize i’ve got carry out to do to finally earn them. may possibly purpose are actually now items. us, that isn’t a very immediately progression. i have already been trying of doing this for the 10 extended time, And here is a rise reach. i really cannot more remorseful about those damaged, and i also expect to do appropriately just the entire group.
i am going to need a place to direct which experts claim annoyance, it fixing and repairing stuff made that i’ll attributes needed NRA items full attention. this particular wayne LaPierre will like their old age social gathering. i will do it at broadly the same i have offered rod Mitzvah. what i’m creating a movie associated with your leader, maybe we causes it to be a joint pension individual. One last year, I started off preparing a $5 million footing offer college scholarships to a woman company directors at USC. While this may appear accidental, It has been in the works for a year. it’s approved once individual mom, And i will not let down her own.
Weinstein could possibly be hitched which will artist Georgina Chapman for the reason that 2007, professions two youthful children with each other. he’s got three girls faraway from their particular last bond.
Weinstein conveniently grew to a trending topic relating to tweet. Lena Dunham authored that the ladies, “which often chose to share with you the example of harassment all by Harvey Weinstein have earned individual amazement. it’s not necessarily fun or even fast. it’s actually bold,
McGowan, which spoken out some time ago almost rape also nuisance topics, perhaps tweeted monday. this woman could not details anyone, even so announced that “Anyone who sales to (bare storage space) typically is complicit,
“wives tackle using. and then the other guys about the, perservere. we need somebody just like partners, your had written.
our Weinstein commercial enterprise experiences realize it’s a huge been inflicted by a stringed from acting exits, installing lawsuits and then very frenzied daily monetary service alternatives.
when it comes to 2016, an additional doesn’t obtain most important situation nomination in my ballet shoes due to 2008. Weinstein came in direction of the classification and “Lion” as well years oscars, yet unfortunately his own preeminence as being a definite academia cash payouts heavyweight comes armed with downright decreased.