What real estate options are available at Put-in-Bay?

There is a small but dedicated handful of Realtors servicing Put-in-Bay and South Bass Island. Here are your current options:
- Island Club Home Rentals – Contact Paul at 216-210-7285
- Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos – Contact Paul at 216-210-7285
- Bolte Real Estate - Realtor Corky Mcilrath-Flint can be reached at 419-341-4478
- Middle Bass Island – St. Hazards has homes and condos for sale from multiple Realtors
- HER Realtors – View Local Listings on their website

Are houses expensive at Put-in-Bay?

Due to the size of the island, there are not many lots available for development. Couple that with the fact that Put-in-Bay is a major popular vacation destination and land value increases. A recent survey on Zillow showed that the average asking price for a Put-in-Bay home for sale was around $350,000.

Are there any houses for sale in downtown Put-in-Bay?

Downtown Put-in-Bay is populated by many local family-owned businesses. There are a few small areas where residential zoning is allowed, but these are generally closely held by local families. When they are up for sale, they are generally a little pricier than elsewhere.

Is Put-in-Bay the name of the city or island?

The island is actually named South Bass Island. It technically has two Put-in-Bay's on it. One is Put-in-Bay Village and is the main business area downtown. The other Put-in-Bay is the Township and encompasses the rest of the island.

Are homes for sale in Put-in-Bay Township or Village?

Put-in-Bay Township encompasses an area of 108,344.47 acres making it the largest township in Ohio. The Put-in-Bay township governs 14 islands, 5 of which are inhabited. Most of the homes for sale are in the Township, especially the ones along the shoreline. Snowbirds love these properties and a number of notable celebrities have summer homes in this area.

The Put-in-Bay Village of South Bass Island, located at the North end offers several restaurants, taverns, lodgings, historical museums and homes, DeRivera Park, and Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial. It is also called the "downtown" area. There are not usually many properties for sale in this area because local businesses are passed down from generation to generation.

Is there a Zoning Board on Put-in-Bay and what does it do?

Yes, there is a zoning board! The Zoning Commission hears all requests for zoning resolution text amendments and also the rezoning of the property. Zoning does not regulate any of the island's agriculture or beauty/aesthetics. However, the zoning board oversees everything else and provides the permitting and approval process as is detailed in the current zoning resolution. A copy of the Township zoning resolution may be purchased from the Zoning Inspector for a nominal fee.

The Township Trustees appoint the Zoning Inspector and a total of ten citizens to serve on the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. Each board has five members with two alternates. Each member of the Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals serves a five-year term.

Where can I find Put-in-Bay properties that are bought or sold?

The Port Clinton News Herald regularly publishes an article in its online newspaper called "Ottawa County property transfers". This lists recent transactions and property sales. You can find it on their website at www.portclintonnewsherald.com

How many people actually live on Put-in-Bay?

The population of Put-in-Bay was 138 at the time of the 2010 census. There should be a new headcount coming soon as 2020 is the next year for the US Census to be taken.

Do Put-in-Bay homeowners get special priority or rates on the ferries?

Unfortunately, we have not heard of any special deals extended to island residents. They have to stand in line just like everyone else and purchase the same tickets just like everyone else. However, residents do usually partake of special deals available to everyone but not always advertised widely. Because they go back and forth to the mainland often, many residents opt for a season pass on the ferry (and keep a second car on the mainland to drive when there). They also usually purchase an annual Life Flight insurance package because a helicopter ride is often the only way to get injured people off the island, especially at night and in the winter.

Do I need special insurance to own a Put-in-Bay home?

No! Put-in-Bay is not in a flood zone nor hurricane area, so extra insurance riders are not needed. Regular homeowners insurance should cover your needs. Renting out your property may require additional insurance for being a rental business.