Are there taxis on Put-in-Bay?

Yes! Not only does Put-in-Bay have taxis, they are one of the great parts of the Put-in-Bay experience. You can get a taxi large enough for your entire group, and the fun, energetic drivers will be playing great tunes, ensuring you’re having a blast on your way to your destination. It’s like being in a limo or party bus!

Are there Taxis at the Put-in-Bay Ferry?

Yes! The taxi drivers are well aware of when the ferries are arriving and queue up, ready to get you wherever you need to go at Put-in-Bay. As you approach the top of the hill you will see a multitude of taxi vans lined up with their engines running!

Can I reserve a taxi for when I get to the island off the ferry?

Due to the high volume of guests arriving and departing at any given time, the taxi companies are unable to accommodate reservation requests for logistical reasons. However, there are enough taxis ready to go when the ferry arrives that you will never have to worry about a wait.

How do you get around Put-in-Bay?

Taxi is the most popular form of transportation for visitors to the island thanks to its low price and high convenience. Another popular option is to rent a golf cart, and guests staying in the downtown area will typically get around on foot when they are just exploring downtown.

How do I get a Put-in-Bay Taxi?

Oftentimes, in the most popular areas of the island, there are enough taxis driving around without fares that you can simply wave one down. But if you need a taxi to your house or hotel, you can call the dispatch center at 419-285-5466.

How many people can a taxi hold?

Most of the taxis at Put-in-Bay are large, bubble-top vans that can accommodate 12-16 passengers.

How much do the taxis on Put-in-Bay cost?

Taxis range in price from $3-$5 per person for a ride at Put-in-Bay. There is no change in price based on destination, they are flat fees set by the respective taxi companies for a trip anywhere on the island.

How often do taxis go by my house or condo?

Especially in the evening, you will often see a taxi driving by your house or condo every couple of minutes. Put-in-Bay has enough taxis to accommodate the volume of guests that we get on a July or August weekend and then some. You won’t have to wait!

What hours do taxis run?

Put-in-Bay has taxi service available 24 hours a day to accommodate all of our guests schedules. If you need to catch the first ferry back to the mainland you do not have to stress, a Put-in-Bay taxi will be ready to get you to the docks with time to spare!

Is Uber available on Put-in-Bay?

There is no Uber, Lyft or other rideshare service available at Put-in-Bay. Put-in-Bay taxis are the only option for on-demand transportation at Put-in-Bay.