One of the things that Put-in-Bay is most known for is wine! Winemaking on South Bass Island is a long-standing tradition, ever since grape cultivators realized that Lake Erie offered a stabilizing effect that gave the Bass Islands the longest frost-free period of anywhere in Ohio. Learn about this, and much more about the winemaking process, at Put-in-Bay Winery. Oh, and enjoy a bunch of wine too!

The Put-in-Bay Winery is located on the Doller House Estate. The Doller House Estate was once the home of Valentine Doller, a German immigrant who found his fortune at Put-in-Bay. He built and owned many of the buildings and businesses on the island in the late 1800s and eventually served as Mayor of Put-in-Bay for a decade.

Put-in-Bay Winery Tasting Tours

A tasting tour at Put-in-Bay Winery has a historical element that you can only find at the Doller Estate. As you walk through the house, you’ll enjoy a sampling of five different wines. You’ll start with a sparkling Moscato. Then in the Parlor, you will try some Merlot. Riesling will accompany a history of Valentine Doller’s ice business and its significance on the island. The tour then heads to an exhibit chronicling the journey of winemaking, from the grape seeds in the ground all the way to the finished product in the bottle. You’ll enjoy a sample of Pink Catawba during this exhibit. Finally, you’ll get to try the Put-in-Bay Concord before heading to the gift shop, where you can purchase any of the wines you tried, or many others. The tour is $10 a person and is approximately 35 minutes long.

Put-in-Bay Winery is also available to host catered events for a party as small and intimate as 15 guests, or as large as 400! It’s the perfect place for a company outing or a reception. Reach out to Put-in-Bay Winery for more information on event catering.


Kim R: “Love this winery! The atmosphere, the view, the pizzas are all amazing and the wine is delicious. We visit this winery frequently and they also have great service. This past weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Nick, he was friendly, knowledgeable, and recommended a wine that we had not tried before. It’s now our new favorite! Nick delivered our pizzas and took the time to tell us some history about the winery. Hope to see him again, he’s also our new favorite!”

Henry I: “During a weekday (highly recommended to stay away from the weekend drunks, etc.) excursion with friends, we visited this winery right next to the bay. Of course, the view was excellent and the wine was just as good. It’s in a quaint old 1800’s style home (that offers private tours) and a huge front lawn which is well-shaded. There is also a photogenic gazebo in the back of the establishment.”

Robin B: “It was a pleasure to visit! The tour was very educational and relaxing. You are led to the different parts of the brewery learning their process of making their fine wines. My indulgence is an ice wine which is made only at certain times, very hard to get! Make sure you put on your walking shoes and save time for samples. You can buy some and lounge around for a while taking in the atmosphere. I don’t know the hours of operation, but we were there at a little past noon and had a great time.”