Put-in-Bay is a relaxation haven in the Midwest. People come from all around the country to spend a weekend basking in the sun and having easy breezy fun. But for some people, it’s tough to just relax. The idea of laying back in a pool deck chair with a cool drink all day just doesn’t work for them. They’re always seeking a challenge or a contest. Well if you’re that person, Put-in-Bay has you covered too! Head on down to Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center and race a friend or family member up their rock wall!

Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center

The Rock Wall is part of the Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center complex. This is the premier fun-for-all-ages destination at Put-in-Bay. Here, you’ll never run out of things to entertain, adults and children alike. You can take a stroll through the Butterfly Museum and observe dozens of different kinds of butterflies. There’s Fort aMaze’n, a life-size maze to try and solve. Or if you prefer, you can observe others trying and failing to solve the maze with a bird’s eye view in the observation tower. But the crown jewel of the Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center is Perry’s Cave itself.

Perry’s Cave was discovered in 1813 by none other than Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. It’s no coincidence that so many things at Put-in-Bay carry the name Commodore or Perry; the island’s history and his are forever entwined. However, the connections between Perry’s Cave and Commodore Perry’s story run deeper. The knowledgeable and friendly Perry’s Cave tour guides will share these stories and many more with you, as this cave has many fascinating tales to tell, both historical and geological. You won’t believe the underground lake, it is truly amazing! It’s one of the most famous Put-in-Bay attractions for a reason, and it should be considered “can’t miss” for any family getaway to South Bass Island.


Kevin W: “The family had fun, all ages enjoyed the variety of things to do here. Quality miniature golf course, the maze is fun and the caves are something special and a piece of history. The new climbing wall this year looks like fun too. Worth the stop if you’re on the island.”

Ashley A: “There’s so much to do here. We always visit when we’re in Put in Bay. Perry’s has so much to do. Our favorites are definitely the cave and butterfly house. There’s also a maze, a climbing wall, gem mining, and a small antique car building. If you’re looking for activities while on the island then you definitely want to stop here.”

Marry M: “My family visited the cave and the boys played miniature golf, rock climbing, and maze. We had so much fun and the boys decided to come back a second time in 3 days. We sure will be back again.”