Perry’s Cave is a very special feature of Put-in-Bay. Located at the heart of Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center, this limestone cave is a testament to the island’s unique ecology.

Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center.

This complex includes a variety of activities for the whole family. From a 25-ft rock wall, Gemstone Mining, and also the Butterfly House, Perry’s is stocked full of fun. Kids and kids at heart flock here all summer long. A favorite is definitely the War of 18 Holes, a historical mini-golf course based around the battles of the War of 1812. Challenge your friends at a race through Fort aMaze’n, a challenging maze that stumps even the best of them.

DanDee’s Snack Shack feeds guests with crispy, gooey appetizers, fried fish, and ice cream.

Located about a mile from downtown Put-in-Bay, Perry’s is an essential stop on your Put-in-Bay getaway.

About Perry’s Cave

This limestone cave lies 52 feet beneath the surface of the island. Legend has it Oliver Hazard Perry discovered the cave in 1813. During the Battle of Lake Erie, he used water from the rare underground lake to satiate his troops.

The cave is 208 feet long by 165 feet wide. Encrusted with calcium carbonate, the walls contain amazing formations. Stalagmites, stalactites, and also cave pearls can be found within Perry’s Cave.

The temperature stays at 50 degrees year-round. Remember to bring a jacket! Furthermore, the lake is quite unusual and rises and falls with the levels of Lake Erie. 

Tours leave from the gift shop at regular intervals. The shop itself is well-stocked with lots of toys, souvenirs, and also geodes. Visitors can actually buy a geode, which looks like a rough-hewn rock and have it cut on-site. Once cut, a geode reveals a beautiful bed of crystals inside.


AJ: “We had a great time at this complex. Get the 3 attractions deal it’s worth it. For our 3 attractions, we did the cave tour, putt-putt, and the butterfly house. The cave tour is pretty accessible as cave tours go. There are a lot of steps. I don’t think my 3 yr old could handle them yet but 4-5 years should do okay with minimal assistance. The temperature in that cave is heavenly on a hot day. The putt-putt course is well maintained and challenging. (We lost a ball in a water hazard and had to retrieve it.) The butterfly house is lovely and reviewed separately. One thing to note all beverages on the complex are sold through vending machines that do not take debit/credit cards. Drinks are not sold at the snack counter or gift shop.”

Kris M: “We recently took the tour of Perry’s Cave. We were 50 feet below ground. Immediately you can feel the coolness of the air as we descended the stairs on our journey. There are definitely low areas and at times the lighting wasn’t that bright. You will also experience droplets of moisture on your head as you journey through the cave. Interesting formations of limestone, seeing the pool of water, which looked more shallow than what it was, stalagmites and stalactites were all fascinating to see. We had a great young guide as well.”

Matt D: “They have everything here. If you have small kids or a family, it’s the place for you! If you get the package deal called the family fun pack, you get a round trip on Miller Ferry boat, bus ride into town, train ride you can jump off at all the sites and get back on, mini golf, the cave, butterfly house, and the crystal cave. It’s not a bad price and its worth it if you want to do all the touristy things! And the best thing is that kids 5 and younger are free! Lots of fun!”