Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center offers many fun activities under one roof. Visitors can easily spend the entire day here. Gemstone Mining is one of the more unusual activities. Just like prospectors of yore, you can mine for treasures.

Purchase a bag of rough mix and take it over to the mining area. Let water rush over the mix and start panning. Gems and fossils will magically appear! You get to keep your treasures to remind you of this special activity. Gemstone Mining is a treat for the whole family.

Also offered is geode cutting. Buy an uncut geode from the gift shop and the trained staff will cut it for you with a special diamond blade saw. The cut will reveal the hidden beauty inside. Every geode is unique!

Perry’s Cave and Fun Center

Perry’s is the place for fun on Put-in-Bay. Located about a mile from downtown Put-in-Bay, Perry’s offers everything from mini-golf to rock climbing.

The main feature of the complex is Perry’s Cave. This unique limestone cave lies 52 feet under the surface of the earth. Visitors descend into the cave to take in this natural wonder and see the rare underground lake. Commodore Perry used this lake for drinking water for his troops, as did the infamous Hotel Victory.

The mini-golf course at Perry’s is really something. Each hole tells a story about a battle in the War of 1812. This course, the War of 18 Holes, is challenging and educational.

The Rock Wall is 25 feet straight up. The staff is on-site to help visitors learn about the ins and outs of climbing. The Butterfly House at Put-in-Bay is a beautiful respite with butterflies flying throughout the aviary to soothing music.

Perry’s Cave is surrounded by other Put-in-Bay attractions. Stop by the Heineman Winery for a wine tasting or eat dinner at Goat Soup and Whiskey. Looking for some more fun? Saunders Golf Course is a beautiful course just down the street.