There aren’t many places on the island more beautiful than the Heineman Winery wine garden. Heineman Winery wine is bottled on the island, and made on the island, from grapes grown on the island. Try one of the many varieties of their quality wine on a cool summer day and enjoy the amazing outdoor wine garden. Heineman Winery is open daily from their opening in mid-April through to near the end of October. Tours of the winery, as well as the spectacular Crystal Cave, are available for $8 for adults and $4 for children.

Come to the winery and enjoy a fantastic cheese plate with your wine of choice in their wine garden. Their selection of wines, all produced from seed to bottle right here at the winery, is impressive. They have 25 different varieties of wine! While we don’t recommend trying them all in one visit, you should definitely sample as many as you can responsibly, because they’re all amazing! You’ll just have to make a repeat visit to check out the rest!

Some of Heineman Winery’s Varieties

-Cabernet Sauvignon
-Pinot Grigio

Be sure to also give their grape juice a try. It was this grape juice, along with tours of Crystal Cave, that allowed the winery to survive prohibition, so it’s basically like tasting history! Heineman Winery can also ship any of their wines year-round, but be aware, they can only ship wine inside of Ohio. So if you’re from out of state, make sure to stock up while you’re on the island!

Heineman Winery has been passed down from generation to generation in the Heineman family. It’s truly a family-owned business, and one Put-in-Bay is proud to be home to. A bottle or two of Heineman wine will make for the perfect gift to take back to the mainland!


Tammy J: “Awesome wine, fairly priced with a wine garden outback, combo tour of the geode cave and the inside of the winery, showing the wine production process. Price also includes a glass of wine or grape juice. Super nice gift shop and you can bring your dog and smoke out in one area outback. They also have Sangrias and Mimosas available. The winery will deliver to the boat dock if you prefer. They have large cheese plates, cheese spreads, and meat sticks. Have to stop every year to see the Heineman’s!”

Teresa G: “Their wine was quite good, especially the pink Catawba. We enjoyed a bottle at one of their tables “outback”, along with a cheese/meat/cracker tray. The people we were with ordered several cases of wine & Heineman Winery delivered them to the ferry dock for us & had them sent over, so they were waiting for us when we got back to the other side. Their wine was reasonably priced (no tax at the winery). It is also available at a couple of establishments in the Port Clinton area, such as Bassett’s Market (a dollar or two cheaper than at the winery, but you have to add tax).”

Ron S: “Previous reviews were spot on that were positive! We had a fantastic time. One of those places where you have to do it once. The cave is cool and neat to visit. It’s one of a kind where the remaining island caves are purely limestone. Their wine is so good. I like dry wines, so I had a sample of, and purchased, their Cabernet Sauvignon. Mom likes sweet wine and had their Pink Catawba. A really good well-rounded sweet wine with superb fruit flavor was the Niagara. We bought this for family gatherings that seemed diverse for crowd-pleasers. The tour was great, and we met two generations of the Heineman family, Ed, and his son. If you can’t be with the wine you love, love the wine you’re with!”