The Crystal Cave is unique to Put-in-Bay, so be sure not to miss it during a vacation to the island. Located on the site of the Heineman Winery, this geological treasure pairs well with a visit to the Wine Garden at the Winery. Wine and crystals are a great combination.

The Crystal Cave is home to the world’s largest geode. The crystals are up to 3 feet in width and the walls are covered in strontium sulfate, a bluish mineral called celestite. These crystals can range anywhere from 8 to 18 inches in length.

The History of Crystal Cave

Miners discovered the cave in 1897. They were working to dig a well for the Winery and accidentally came upon this natural wonder. Originally workers harvested crystals from the cave to sell for the manufacturing of fireworks. This harvesting expanded the cave to its size today.

The Crystal Cave also played an important role in saving the Heineman Winery during Prohibition. When other wineries closed on the island, Norman Heineman, son of the founder Gustav had the brilliant idea to open the cave to the public. He sold tickets to the cave along with unfermented grape juice. Heineman’s survived Prohibition and is still a family owned business today.

Heineman’s offers tours of both the cave and the winery all week during the summer season. There is also a gift shop on site. The shop sells souvenirs from the cave as well as Heineman Wine. Enjoy a glass in the Wine Garden and take a home a bottle or two to savor. Take a case back to the mainland for friends. Specializing in sweet wines, favorite include the Pink Catawba and the mildly sweet Niagara.

The Crystal Cave is located about a mile from downtown Put-in-Bay. Nearby attractions include Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center, the Chocolate Cafe and Museum, and Saunders Golf Course.


Jack S: “Pretty neat place. Probably our favorite attraction on the island. The reasonable entry fee gets you a quick tour of the crystal cavern (“largest geode in the world!”) and into the small winery as well as a ticket for a sample of wine or grape juice. The tour was interesting and the drinks were good. As a bonus, there’s a nice garden in the back for you to relax and enjoy your beverage. My only complaint is that the cheese and crackers they sell at the bar are pretty low-quality. But hey, you don’t have to get those.”

Adam R: “A very cool place to visit. This is a cave that is also the worlds largest geode. There is also Perry’s Cave right across the street. Both are very cool places to visit and very reasonable prices. Its a short trip by ferry. The Island is pretty big for walking. You can ferry your car, motorcycle, or bikes. Taxis are available as well as golf cart and bicycle rentals. Plan on spending a full day and remember to find out when the last ferry leaves the Island to the main land. Have fun!”

Lauren B: “It’s a huge celestite geode you can walk in! I’m a rock hound, so I wish it was a longer experience. They had to drag me out to go to the wine tour. It’s a small space and they pack it tight. You’ll find it interesting if you aren’t a rock person, but one short walk through and you’ll be good. Be prepared for stairs. No touching!”


978 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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January 8, 2020

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chinese dating

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December 31, 2019

Raising confident daughters of color while keeping in mind Obama is black
in years past, I took a class called, “Raising Strong and Confident kids, my husband laughed at me, “Could our daughters be any stronger or more confident,
the category was an eye opener, Not just in how to increase my girls, But also understand my own Chinese American childhood. I had no memory of dealing with a lot of the issues blend talked about as being so important to preadolescent girls, Such as friendships and physical appearances.
At first I considered that I must have been just so low on the social totem pole, outcome race and nerdiness, That I had given up hope of taking part in those arenas. Then I found a Wellesley study of Boston middle school girls self esteem along racial and ethnic lines and discovered that girls of different ethnic backgrounds based their sense of self esteem on different factors. It made sense once somebody said it out loud.
The study also found that ebony girls had the highest self esteem among the four groups studied. That’s the particular emaciated supermodels they see are almost all white. So instead of aspiring to be like them and developing a lot of body image neuroses as the Caucasian girls did, The dark-colored girls chose their own dark-colored role models and developed their own fashion sense. Who cares about Britney Spears when you have Destiny Child?
So I began take into consideration how to raise my girls as strong and confident Asian American girls, With respect for Asian culture, Tools for succeeding in American culture, And how to spend playtime with both. I read them stories with strong Asian yankee girl heroines, I taught them to read the media and critique clichrrd portrayals of all sorts, I guided them to role models both famous and dating chinese women local, I helped them see diverse beauty standards, I taught them to convey up, And I prepared them for sexism from each party. They learned how to stand up on their own and how to do it in a nuanced way that both Asians and Americans can accept (Like code exchanging).
automobile so strong, reassured, And proud that I pity poor people boy who tries to date any of them one day. He will never get away with anything.
Then Chris Matthews forgot the president was black for an hour.
Ta Nehisi Coates writes for the ocean:
hard truth, Chris Matthews didn’t forget obama was black. Chris Matthews forgot that Chris Matthews was southern chinese women white white people’s responsibility to make themselves postracial, Not the very president’s. Whatever my disagreements with him (barack obama), The fact is that he’s brilliant. that he is black and brilliant is pleasant but unsurprising to me. I’ve known very remarkable, Very black people all my well being. Jon Stewart hysterical reaction to Chris Matthews remark, schokohrrutige Wyatt Cenac plays out all the hidden stereotypes he about Caucasians, African travelers, Jews, Asians ( Sexy hard anodized cookware, Math Asian even lesbian Irish gym academics (whoa, That is much stereotypes in one).
From the far wall of the remark, I infrequently forget I am Asian too. I look out at the world and cannot see exactly who see when they look back at me. I assume that I am just me. I get lulled into complacency thinking that because we are speaking the same language, That we actually have an understanding of each other. I forget that I do not know many others hidden assumptions and stereotypes until things go awry. I worry that despite my girls belief and eloquence, The filter of expectations will always distort how people perceive them.
Frances Kai Hwa Wang is a second group Chinese American from California who now divides her time between Ann Arbor and the Big Island of Hawaii. She is a popular speaker on Asian Pacific American and modern issues.
Frances Kai Hwa Wang will be speaking on (boosting) Women in the 21st Century at Eastern Michigan as well as college for Chinese Week 2010 on Monday, feb,march 8, 2010, 1:00 evening, 300 Halle stockpile.


ukraine singles

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December 24, 2019

State Assemblywoman Judy Griffin honors Women of significant difference from Malverne
Malvernite nancy Casini, CEO of image Fuel Design in Malverne, Brings over 30 years of award winning branding and design expertise to her clients and the city. And over the world.
As an active member of town, Casini has used her expertise as first vp of the Malverne Chamber of Commerce, In which she has helped grow the provider and refresh the Chamber itself both inside and out, Engaging many new members and the village. Casini has taken the lead in the village’s annual Art Walk within the last three years, An event using art to unite, Bringing new people into Malverne and through all of its member shops and tech services.
Casini is on the panel and has donated time and design services to hot russian the empowerment group Girlz Talk, Which was made to empower, Inform and inspire young women and girls on Long Island. She has also added to the Office of Minority Affairs events, And fundraising for Columbia University’s Lamont Doherty ground Observatory, An organization that contributes to the essential knowledge about the origin, Evolution and future of our world.
Casini has also been recognized with over 150 domestic and international design awards for her work and over 15 awards for her community participation and contributions after a period.
West Hemsptead resident Rachel Fryman lives with your ex wife husband and two children. Fryman advocates for the kids and young adults with learning disabilities and special needs. She is focused on supporting families facing infertility, pregnant loss, And other changes. Fryman is a licensed clinical social worker and pursuing a doctorate in social work at Smith College. She currently serves as a clinical social worker in the educational resource program at Adelphi University. She was previously the website owner of a Long Island school, In which she was with regard to coordinating all special education services. forward moving to West Hempstead, Rachel was a mental health clinician at the Jewish Board of family and Children’s Services. Fryman serves on the Youth Committee of the Young Israel of West Hempstead and she teaches premarital education classes to Jewish couples and lectures locally on topics relating to women and mental health. As a result of their personal experience with infertility and pregnancy loss, Fryman and her spouse, brian, Are committed to sharing their experiences with the expectation of helping others and advocating for policy changes in New York state.
State Assemblywoman Judy Griffin gathered 10 perfect Long Island women at the East Rockaway Memorial Park Bandshell hot russian for her inaugural Women of Distinction awards ceremony on Aug. 7.
Is aimed at women within our vibrant community who consistently show up and strive to make a positive impact in their community, Griffin said in a news introduce. year, I am happy to recognize these honorees who have gone aside from and continue to be a light within their respective communities and a role model to all. Their empathy, social mindfulness, management, Initiative and resolve for service conveys their generous contribution to our community. From suggesting for womens rights and educating our youth to promoting positive activities for at risk youth, safe guarding families, And giving wholeheartedly to see growth in their communities these women are the definition of courageous.
Griffin was joined by East Rockaway Mayor Bruno Romano, mrs. Landerer, Who sang the nation’s Anthem, as Rev. beam Longwood, Of the feeling Vineyard Church, Who brought the Invocation.


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December 23, 2019

Do real indigenous peoples ever try to marry other unmixed NA
I always hear people that claim to be native american to say they are part native american mixed with something else, They actually are multi racial, Not true indigenous peoples in my opinion.
If your not a full blood your only a Indian planned, Not by blood / ethnic culture
Ive never heard people from other ethnic groups claim some type of affiliation with a certain ethnicity when they have so little of it in their blood line.
Ever hear somebody claim examples of these are 1/35 Italian or Black, hot spanish girls thus? It just sounds so silly when I see so many people that appear to be blond haired blue eyed white or something and say they are a NA.
I am Native American who left the booking for a career in engineering. I get this amazing background in statistics for both engineering and healthcare (Epidemiology). when considering population statistics, each cohort of “Full blooded native americans” Is smaller. There are roughly (Subject to condemnation) Three million people in the USA who claim to have Native American ancestry and are enrolled in some tribe. of their three million, About not so much as 10% are enrolled as “Full blooded” In a plausible but not convincing manner. as an example, If you talk to a Navajo from the Four Corners it is common for them to claim full blooded status (100%) While complaining about “Wannabes” who will be part white. sometimes, The criciticism is set against the tribes from further east like the Cherokees of Oklahoma and the Carolinas.
but there’s a “philippine” Clan the actual Navajos. This clan is large and intermarried with additional clans in the Four Corners. of “philippine” Clan is part Spanish western european. which means that, Statistically, which lots of Navajos are part Spanish. This is common for tribes of the free airline. DNA sensibly already revealed this pattern many tribal enrollees who believe they are absolutely, wanting to know 100% full blooded are often not.
precisely why? This is due to their pattern of coloniazation in the southwest. It was common for Spaniards to capture Native American women and kids for slavery. ended up slave markets in Colonial Spain. This happened for hundreds of years. It often concluded in part Spanish members of the tribe. in contrast, Tribes often took captives who became perhaps the tribe. for example, Mangas colorado had a Mexican wife, A captive. His daughter married into Navajo tribe. hence, hopes large group of Navajos out there who are (1) Part speaking spanish and Apache but (2) Unaware they’ve part Spanish. This pattern repeats itself throughout the Rio Grande Valley and Four Corners region. In nevada, Quanah Parker was half white together with a surname from his white mother a Texan. He looked full blooded Comanche except he had gray eyes.
the case, The modern native americans of the Four Corners Region are about as full blooded as they could be but not truly 100% in many cases. Many find the “4/4” Certificate of enrollment but it was done in times when DNA testing was inaccessible. Watson, Crick, And Rosalind Franklin did not even reduced DNA helix until the mid 20th century with x ray diffraction. meanwhile, The intermixing had already occurred for years and years where ostensibly full blooded Native Americans could be labeled as such.
The other reality as someone revealed is that many tribes are small, And the culture was often set against in breeding marrying someone from the particular same clan. the vast majority of true for Navajos. and so, They often married people from other tribes or even Spanish colonists quite normal around Santa Fe and Albquerque (continues to this day). If you try UNM, ASU, U of A and mingle among the Native American students there simply are that many are dating white students. computer system courses common at high schools near reservations which have both white and Native American students: Farmington, NM, Winslow, az, Flagstaff, arizona, Albuquerque, accelerated City, SD, Billings, MT, consequently on.
In the ultra-modern context, native americans intermarry with whites the most (relative to population size) Compared to any other minority group. i lived in the FL Panhandle and found that many “Whites of Confederate ancestral roots” are normally part Native American. I could see the features. I recall one white woman with Cherokee origins. She was only 1/16, But I could clearly see the ancient features. Her facial component resembled the Zunis near Gallup, NM but was very pale with brunette hair. She was living northeast of atl, GA and was descended from the Cherokees who had once lived in Enotah the Cherokee capital until the 1830s before being moved to OK.
I learned there is a lot of reverence for the survival story of the Seminoles in FL. I had many opportunity to date southern white women of the area. The white southerners had intermixed with local Native Americans for years and years. today, it still happens. I had a blonde white honey from the “Deep to the south” Despite being Native our from AZ. The pattern that had occurred with Cherokees hundreds of years ago is constantly on the this day. I met my white special lady at a campus college gym. I had multiple dating opportunity like that with white women in the college gym setting. not uncommon.
There are still many indigenous peoples who marry other tribal members. But the reality is the at least one is often part white. The full blooded indigenous peoples are going into the past. We are near the sunset of our people. I hope someday our descendants remember of us regarding years from now when most of us are gone.
I’ve said this previous. IMO, It’s so silly for Americans to be so enthusiastic about having even a tiny bit of Native American heritage as if it’s somehow a rare thing or a badge of honor.
There are billions of people living south of our border all the way through South America that have a great deal of Native American ancestry in high percentages. Yet no one seems to care nor make a lrage benefit out of it.
I do not see direct ancestors of the Incas, Mayas or Aztecs being viewed as somehow special yet those were all Native American tribes just as much as the Cherokee and Sioux.
Genetics are usually essential but culture carries more weight in some respects. After so generations the idea of a “pure” Anything is pretty dangerous. Some of the Indian tribal populations are quite small and I think it is reasonably common for marriages to occur across tribal lines maybe for cultural similarity but can actually non Indian ancestry somewhere.
Some Americans have an attraction about having Indian ancestry. aussies seem to always want a 19th century convict. The American idea of having an Indian or pirate or outlaw or explorer or Pilgrim is just a novelty something to discuss at Thanksgiving.
I’ve seen natives specially seek other natives as mates. Their reasons will vary. One girl I know refused to date white people by having what the white people did to natives. she’s bi, and she dated native guys, indigenous girls and latina girls. When she lamented about not seeing any valid good native guys, I hinted at she date white guys, that she resolutely said no. if i inquired why, She gave me the afore remarked upon response. Then time later, She had a baby for a native guy. She thinks happy now. Another of my friends sought beautiful spanish women out only native guys. When gurus her why, She outlined how the white guy acts in Joy Luck Club, How he unconsciously insulted the Chinese girl’s mom. This friend said white guys are asinine. This girl is now dating a guy that is half white and half native. online guy side, They’re more about looking for native speakers. A guy who speaks his language and his family speaks the native language at home will seek out a girl who speaks your same language. Most native speaking families choose to speak their native language in the home, And to speak English to each other is awkward and only done to accommodate an English speaking person. So if a mom goes to parent teacher national gathering with her child, She will speak English to her child at the teacher for the teacher’s sake, But after they leave, They’ll revert to discussing their native language.
then again, I also know natives who are looking for out non natives as mates. possess seen native girls who say, “I just date guys, I’ve also seen guys who will date anybody but have a preference. One my buddies likes light skin and long, ebenholzfarben hair, So he prefers dating Spanish women but will not avoid a native woman who shows him interest. I never asked him about his thoughts on the subject of Asian women.
really, I’m full native, And I’ve dated natives, napoleons, Asians, white wines, Latinas, spanish, in conjunction with other tribes. I have no kids, but when I did, I would love them without regard for their mom’s skin color. Race is easy. i’m not sure if anyone won that one. I wasn’t interested enough to manage their silly game.
I’ve said this well before. IMO, It’s so silly for Americans to be so involved with having even a tiny bit of Native American heritage as if it’s somehow a rare thing or a badge of honor.
There are vast sums of people living south of our border all the way through South America that have a great deal of Native American ancestry in high percentages. Yet no one seems to care nor make a lrage benefit out of it.
I aren’t seeing direct ancestors of the Incas, Mayas or Aztecs being thought of as somehow special yet those were all Native American tribes just as much as the Cherokee and Sioux.
possibly not an identity issue. Members of federally identified tribes get free college, Free health related, And other tied in with benefits. the federal government allows the tribes to determine membership/citizenship. One could do a testing and show no Native America, But on condition that there was enough evidence pointing to one NA ancestor born in the 1800s, One could still legally be a CITIZEN of whatever NA nation and qualify the same BENEFITS as the others get.
And yes men and women are BROADLY aware of this.
And it’s their right to join a NA nation if they qualify. Their membership is with shod and non-shod, That land, And the federal government.
I’ve said this sooner than. IMO, It’s so silly for Americans to be so involved with having even a tiny bit of Native American heritage as if it’s somehow a rare thing or a badge of honor.
There are billions of people living south of our border all the way through South America that have a great deal of Native American ancestry in high percentages. Yet no one seems to care nor make something useful out of it.
I don’t see direct ancestors of the Incas, Mayas or Aztecs being regarded as somehow special yet those were all Native American tribes just as much as the Cherokee and Sioux.



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October 21, 2019

Free dating companies online
Free mature Dating Agency, Free online dating for the over 50’s.
The self proclaimed dating site claims to be the world’s place to go for casual dating, And is chock full of features that give you plenty of options in patio furniture from the way you discover others and interact, To how you design your profile. trying for someone to date, Or a long term matrimony? The site features an easy to navigate screen, unusual but not obnoxiously long profiles, And a handful of question you can answer to help the site match you better and find you a meaningful romantic relationship. international Single Girls Why would you limit your search for love to your city, propose, Or country when asiame.Com you can open it up to everyone in the world? they have built in broadcast options to make cyber sex even easier, And the unique ability to search members by their sexual interests. Date is a totally free online dating site that offers full access with no credit cards required. Unlike other dating sites that charge you for extra features, things are free here. While free internet dating can be tempting, They don’t always supply best value for your time.
Free sites are often simply not designed to work as well as paid dating sites and moreover are less regulated. The site’s goal is straightforward: It’s here to match you for some other successful people, End of narrative. Six months after we met we got married. Wherever you are in the world, If you’ve found yourself to be single older than 50, Whether last month or long ago, If lovely open your heart to someone again, Then now is the opportunity to find them, Without losing anything and gaining anything and everything instead. As with every little thing in the digital age, Digital dating has come a long way in a relatively short period of time; The plethora of are the real deal, Useful and free dating site apps out there just further proves this point.
a certain, after all, Had both hassles. As become fitting for a swipe based dating app, outlines are minimal, Focusing mainly on profile results with a brief bio, But they do enable you to connect social accounts if desired, as well as your Instagram account, Which can give people a better idea of what you’re into via Facebook likes photos of you visible on your Instagram. It takes minutes and all the singles are right when you need it. The app does an incredibly good job at collecting feedback from singles and uses it to help you the rate of success on the site. Plus you get the bonuses of extreme anonymity and above average data security so you can certainly meet up for a night of passion without leaving a digital footprint.
9 Best Free online dating services (2019)
Western Men has been a leader in this niche in excess of 17 years, So there is no doubt that the profiles are real and the site is safe to use. Angel Return The men and women on focus on finding a long term relationship, Not a casual fling. matchmaking at no cost to you. One of the easiest and most economical ways to dive right into online dating is through the well known Plenty of Fish, Which functionality as both a site and an app. rather then any dates but compatible dates. Ukraine Brides Agency envelops professionally and personally successful, the relationship minded men with beautiful, nice, And funny men and women.
Online Free dating services
The Web offers a lot more free personal ad and online dating services, Many of which have become increasingly stylish and feature laden over the past year. You can become complacent that everyone on the site is there for the same reasons, Which is one free dating sites don’t always provide. Looking to hire a roofer to date? Most of these facilities offer handy tools such as searchable databases, Which make it easy to find people in the area as well as people who share your interests. Many have more advanced matching algorithms along with other amazing features, And because you must pay for their services, They tend to attract people who take online dating service personals or, As the case may be a lot more seriously. Co founded by clinical psychiatrist Dr.
Just think it only takes a minute to complete registration and become a member’ so just 60 seconds stands between you and the start of your quest for true happiness! There are also useful questionnaires that give you insight into your own characteristics and compatibility skills, Which can help your online dating game regardless of site you end up using the most. The site has a continually evolving matching algorithm that simply helps you find those you are researching for, Even if you personaly are a little unsure of who exactly that is. this video guide covers the major dating site resources like Match. resultantly, When considering what’s available nowadays in free online dating terms, what it’s all about is pretty clear: Finding people online to chat with and go on dates with do not have to cost you very much money or any money, For that matter meaning you can save your hard earned cash for the dates you actually go on. if this applies to you, Check out our list of our favorite global dating websites for marriage. Match is such a household name and has created so many successful encounters, almost all taboo to be on the site anymore and is often the next practical step for those looking to explore their paid dating options.
15 cheapest Free “point” online dating sites (For marriage, execs Seniors)
There’s really only one path to finding other singles on the spot: swipe, personal message, And go from edinburgh. There are a predicted 5,000 online dating platforms available many of which are free, With countless huge numbers of people using them, So picking the right one for your requirements can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. no matter what which device you’re using it on, even so, The platform provides a feature packed international dating experience that doesn’t cost you a dime. The site offers a good roundup of internet dating sites in many categories, Including free online dating sites, Single parents’ dating site, internet dating over 50, telephone dating, vibrant singles, most. Did we mention that these facilities signing up, web browsing, Showing appeal, Chatting and message, interactive video, community posting, who receive translations, mailing gifts, Getting interconnection advice, And purchasing travel are all free? The 1 hour maximum self destructing profiles and quick chats greatly encourage at the fair sexual encounters. That means do it yourself like minded people, You won’t have to swim very hard or very far all you should do is find the right dating site or app to sign up for.
Free retirement age Dating Agency, Free online dating services for the over 50’s.
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That means all Asiame features of the full site are totally free to all our members; which make it real, True free dating foreign girls. If hookups are what you are considering but you’re sick of dealing with unreliable people and free hookup apps littered with bots and fake profiles, Is the best longterm option in the world of casual online dating. Some other highlights include that Dream Singles has a 7 1 women to men ratio, Has numerous security measures executed to protect your info, And is the longest standing crucial dating site. All you need to do is say yes or no! Winks Find the suitable wink to express what words can’t say when you message your potential suitors! worse yet, If you’re on a free dating site you’re prone to find yourself victim to catfishing than on paid sites where profile verification features are more common, Meaning your time on these sites can easily be wasted. The Free Senior Dating Agency is just that free for seniors wanting to find date. last, There’s a handy alert section on the top notifying you of any relevant activity, Ensuring you never miss a chance for communication and interaction with another single. With the extra beans you accumulate you can show interest in another group of potential matches who aren’t basically your handpicked matches of the day, But who you may share common passions.