The Crystal Cave is unique to Put-in-Bay, so be sure not to miss it during a vacation to the island. Located on the site of the Heineman Winery, this geological treasure pairs well with a visit to the Wine Garden at the Winery. Wine and crystals are a great combination.

The Crystal Cave is home to the world’s largest geode. The crystals are up to 3 feet in width and the walls are covered in strontium sulfate, a bluish mineral called celestite. These crystals can range anywhere from 8 to 18 inches in length.

The History of Crystal Cave

Miners discovered the cave in 1897. They were working to dig a well for the Winery and accidentally came upon this natural wonder. Originally workers harvested crystals from the cave to sell for the manufacturing of fireworks. This harvesting expanded the cave to its size today.

The Crystal Cave also played an important role in saving the Heineman Winery during Prohibition. When other wineries closed on the island, Norman Heineman, son of the founder Gustav had the brilliant idea to open the cave to the public. He sold tickets to the cave along with unfermented grape juice. Heineman’s survived Prohibition and is still a family owned business today.

Heineman’s offers tours of both the cave and the winery all week during the summer season. There is also a gift shop on site. The shop sells souvenirs from the cave as well as Heineman Wine. Enjoy a glass in the Wine Garden and take a home a bottle or two to savor. Take a case back to the mainland for friends. Specializing in sweet wines, favorite include the Pink Catawba and the mildly sweet Niagara.

The Crystal Cave is located about a mile from downtown Put-in-Bay. Nearby attractions include Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center, the Chocolate Cafe and Museum, and Saunders Golf Course.


Jack S: “Pretty neat place. Probably our favorite attraction on the island. The reasonable entry fee gets you a quick tour of the crystal cavern (“largest geode in the world!”) and into the small winery as well as a ticket for a sample of wine or grape juice. The tour was interesting and the drinks were good. As a bonus, there’s a nice garden in the back for you to relax and enjoy your beverage. My only complaint is that the cheese and crackers they sell at the bar are pretty low-quality. But hey, you don’t have to get those.”

Adam R: “A very cool place to visit. This is a cave that is also the worlds largest geode. There is also Perry’s Cave right across the street. Both are very cool places to visit and very reasonable prices. Its a short trip by ferry. The Island is pretty big for walking. You can ferry your car, motorcycle, or bikes. Taxis are available as well as golf cart and bicycle rentals. Plan on spending a full day and remember to find out when the last ferry leaves the Island to the main land. Have fun!”

Lauren B: “It’s a huge celestite geode you can walk in! I’m a rock hound, so I wish it was a longer experience. They had to drag me out to go to the wine tour. It’s a small space and they pack it tight. You’ll find it interesting if you aren’t a rock person, but one short walk through and you’ll be good. Be prepared for stairs. No touching!”


978 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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Raising confident daughters of color while keeping in mind Obama is black
in years past, I took a class called, “Raising Strong and Confident kids, my husband laughed at me, “Could our daughters be any stronger or more confident,
the category was an eye opener, Not just in how to increase my girls, But also understand my own Chinese American childhood. I had no memory of dealing with a lot of the issues blend talked about as being so important to preadolescent girls, Such as friendships and physical appearances.
At first I considered that I must have been just so low on the social totem pole, outcome race and nerdiness, That I had given up hope of taking part in those arenas. Then I found a Wellesley study of Boston middle school girls self esteem along racial and ethnic lines and discovered that girls of different ethnic backgrounds based their sense of self esteem on different factors. It made sense once somebody said it out loud.
The study also found that ebony girls had the highest self esteem among the four groups studied. That’s the particular emaciated supermodels they see are almost all white. So instead of aspiring to be like them and developing a lot of body image neuroses as the Caucasian girls did, The dark-colored girls chose their own dark-colored role models and developed their own fashion sense. Who cares about Britney Spears when you have Destiny Child?
So I began take into consideration how to raise my girls as strong and confident Asian American girls, With respect for Asian culture, Tools for succeeding in American culture, And how to spend playtime with both. I read them stories with strong Asian yankee girl heroines, I taught them to read the media and critique clichrrd portrayals of all sorts, I guided them to role models both famous and dating chinese women local, I helped them see diverse beauty standards, I taught them to convey up, And I prepared them for sexism from each party. They learned how to stand up on their own and how to do it in a nuanced way that both Asians and Americans can accept (Like code exchanging).
automobile so strong, reassured, And proud that I pity poor people boy who tries to date any of them one day. He will never get away with anything.
Then Chris Matthews forgot the president was black for an hour.
Ta Nehisi Coates writes for the ocean:
hard truth, Chris Matthews didn’t forget obama was black. Chris Matthews forgot that Chris Matthews was southern chinese women white white people’s responsibility to make themselves postracial, Not the very president’s. Whatever my disagreements with him (barack obama), The fact is that he’s brilliant. that he is black and brilliant is pleasant but unsurprising to me. I’ve known very remarkable, Very black people all my well being. Jon Stewart hysterical reaction to Chris Matthews remark, schokohrrutige Wyatt Cenac plays out all the hidden stereotypes he about Caucasians, African travelers, Jews, Asians ( Sexy hard anodized cookware, Math Asian even lesbian Irish gym academics (whoa, That is much stereotypes in one).
From the far wall of the remark, I infrequently forget I am Asian too. I look out at the world and cannot see exactly who see when they look back at me. I assume that I am just me. I get lulled into complacency thinking that because we are speaking the same language, That we actually have an understanding of each other. I forget that I do not know many others hidden assumptions and stereotypes until things go awry. I worry that despite my girls belief and eloquence, The filter of expectations will always distort how people perceive them.
Frances Kai Hwa Wang is a second group Chinese American from California who now divides her time between Ann Arbor and the Big Island of Hawaii. She is a popular speaker on Asian Pacific American and modern issues.
Frances Kai Hwa Wang will be speaking on (boosting) Women in the 21st Century at Eastern Michigan as well as college for Chinese Week 2010 on Monday, feb,march 8, 2010, 1:00 evening, 300 Halle stockpile.