Moss on the Rock February 2021

Moss on the Rock Lake Erie Islands Nature & Wildlife Center Readies for 2021 Season The Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center is so excited to welcome you to the newly expanded Lake Erie Islands Nature & Wildlife Center this Spring!! Construction is complete on the remodel and 900-square-foot building addition! The LEIN&WC will be bringing you several new displays including a wildlife viewing window, a geology display and live animal exhibits! They hope you will join them this 2021 season for a fun adventure learning about the nature,... View More

Moss on the Rock January 2021

Moss on the Rock Gora Goes Virtual with Island History The Stewardship Network’s guest speaker this past December 9th was Mike Gora from Middle Bass. Mike gave an hour-long virtual presentation about the islands in Lake Erie that was extremely interesting. Mike is a long-time summer resident of Middle Bass Island and its historian for the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society at Put-in-Bay. Mike enjoys writing about local history and finding buried facts and stories. His most recent book, “Early Adventures at Put-in-Bay…” provides new evidence that the original Put-in-Bay... View More

February 2021 Gazette – Sports Car Races

Registration Opens for 2021 Sports Car Races Registration is now open for the 2021 edition of modern-day vintage racing at Ohio’s historic Put-in-Bay. Following the cancelation of the 2020 event due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, a large percentage of entrants carried over their registration to 2021. Since then excitement has continued to mount for this fun-filled and relaxed event. Beginning with a small “reunion” in 2009, today’s racing- and non-racing entrants at Put-in-Bay enjoy several days of sports-car enjoyment in a relaxed and nostalgic setting where small-bore sports cars raced... View More

January 2021 Gazette – Ray’s Truck

P.H.oto Op – Ray’s Truck By Peter Huston It’s a new year with new hopes and a renewed mission, at least for me, to share inspiring stories and unusual insights into life on this unbridged island we call South Bass. As Bonnie Raitt once reminded us, “Let’s give them something to talk about.” I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much done with giving time and credence to people who rant about our island and the folks that live here on “uncensored” Facebook pages and other dubious public... View More

February 2021 Gazette – She Blinded Me with Science… Fiction

P.H.oto Op – She Blinded Me with Science… Fiction By Peter Huston In the December 2020 Gazette there was a short article from Put-in-Bay School about a local student winning an award for her writing. I took a double take and read further about Ella Kostura, child of a multigenerational island family, prize-winning writer for her science fiction story called, “Percy and the Plague.” Alana Magrum, librarian at Ida Rupp Library in Port Clinton had posted a notice “Teen Spooky Sagas Writing Contest, Teens in grades 6-12 looking to fright,... View More

December 2020 Gazette – Charitable Notes

PIBIO – Lake Erie Foundation, Making a Difference By Peter Huston Why Lake Erie Foundation Opposes Wind Turbines on Lake Erie December 1st is Giving Tuesday. I’m hoping after you read this you will want to support the Lake Erie Foundation. Full disclosure, I am on the Lake Erie Foundation Advisory board. You may already know our board president Jim Stouffer, from Catawba Island Club. The Lake Erie Foundation filed an Amicus Brief to support the Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO) lawsuit heading to Federal District Court this January. BSBO’s... View More

Moss on the Rock November 2020

Moss on the Rock Public Hearing The Council of the Village of Put-in-Bay will hold a Public Hearing on December 10th at 9 a.m. at the Put-in-Bay Town Hall, to take public commentary on and introduce amendments to the definitions section of its zoning ordinance. The amended section deals with a clarification of the two terms, adjacent and adjoining,” when it comes to notifying neighbors of any changes involving zoning issues. Copies of Ordinance 1270-20 are available for public examination in the office of the Fiscal Officer during regular business... View More

Put-In-Bay Ohio prepares for Winter

Put-in-Bay Winters Put-in-Bay, Ohio, along with other Lake Erie Islands, are beginning to close up shop for the winter months. Every year, South Bass Island hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout the spring, summer and fall months. However, winter looks a little different on Put-in-Bay island. Downtown Put-in-Bay attractions get boarded up and winterized to protect infrastructure from freezing.  Rental homes become empty as bachelorette parties will have to wait until the new year. The island community takes their last much needed trips to the mainland to stock up on... View More

Benjamin Woods Acquisition

The following piece is published in this month’s Put-in-Bay Gazette. The Gazette has been producing incredible independent Put-in-Bay island news for over 40 years. If you have any interest at all in what is happening on South Bass Island, we urge you strongly to subscribe to the Put-in-Bay Gazette. One-year online subscriptions are only $15, and print subscriptions are available as well. To subscribe please click here. On September 29th, 2020, Put-in-Bay Township Park District acquired 2.53 acres of wooded land from the Kenneth and Katherine Benjamin Family.  The parcel... View More