Month: January 2021

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Moss on the Rock January 2021
Moss on the Rock Gora Goes Virtual with Island History The Stewardship Network’s guest speaker this past December 9th was Mike Gora from Middle Bass. Mike gave an hour-long virtual presentation about the islands in Lake Erie that was extremely interesting. Mike is a long-time summer resident of Middle Bass Island and its historian for the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society at Put-in-Bay. Mike enjoys writing about local history and finding buried facts and stories. His most recent book, “Early Adventures at Put-in-Bay…” provides new evidence that the original Put-in-Bay...View More
January 2021 Gazette – Ray’s Truck
P.H.oto Op – Ray’s Truck By Peter Huston It’s a new year with new hopes and a renewed mission, at least for me, to share inspiring stories and unusual insights into life on this unbridged island we call South Bass. As Bonnie Raitt once reminded us, “Let’s give them something to talk about.” I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much done with giving time and credence to people who rant about our island and the folks that live here on “uncensored” Facebook pages and other dubious public...View More