Month: May 2021

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Moss on the Rock May 2021
Moss on the Rock   Perch Population Decreasing Although the sport angler limit of 30 perch per angler west of Huron remains the same, the decline of perch in Lake Erie has officials concerned. This year, the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission addressed the issue by slashing commercial harvest in the Central basin by 70% and by 20% in the Eastern basin. The state cut sport angler limits by two-thirds from 30 fish to 10 between the Huron River and Fairport Harbor. There are several factors for the population crash, with...View More
May 2021 Gazette – Some Hints to Become a Better Wine Taster
Some Hints to Become a Better Wine Taster By Donnie Winchell Editor’s Note: The Lake Erie Islands have a rich history when it comes to growing grapes and wine making. New this month is a column about wine from Donniella “Donnie” Winchell. Donnie is the Executive Director of the Ohio Wine Producers Association and chair of their Vintage Ohio Wine Festival. Robert Gottesman’s vision [longtime owner of Meier’s Wine Cellars. Lonz and Firelands Wineries, with his commitment to world class grapes on North Bass Island] helped launch her career nearly...View More
May 2021 Gazette – Garage Sale, Lighthouse Tours, and the Seawall
Get on the Island Wide Garage Sale Map! If you are planning to have a yard sale on the on Island Wide Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 15th, you should definitely be put on the map that is handed out to everyone who is looking for the location of sales. To get on the map, please call and leave a message with your address at the Chamber of Commerce office at (419) 285-2832. You can also email Tina Rogers at The deadline for getting on the map is...View More