Mr. Ed’s Gift Shop

We know you love Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille. Everyone on Put-in-Bay does after all! This is one of the most fun, most delicious, most wild spots (especially after 2!) on the island. They make sure to provide the best apparel and gifts for everyone at Mr. Ed’s Gift Shop. Mr. Ed’s and the gift shop is located right on Delaware Ave in the heart of the bustling downtown. Come by any time of day and you are sure to have a blast. The gift shops carries items for all... View More

Perry’s Cave Gift Shop

Your family visit to Perry’s Cave is going to be one of the highlights of your trip to Put-in-Bay, so no doubt you’ll want a souvenir to remember it by. Perry’s Cave Gift Shop, affectionately referred to as “The Shop at the Top” has so many souvenirs to choose from, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. One of the most unique and beautiful souvenirs you can get on all of Put-in-Bay is a geode from Perry’s Cave. Pick out an uncut geode, and professionals on-site will cut the geode... View More

Heineman Winery Shopping

Heineman Winery produces 25 varieties of wine, as well as two non-alcoholic grape juices. And while Heineman Winery does ship their wine, they can only do so inside of Ohio. So, if you are joining us from out of state, you’ll need to get your fill in person at the Heineman Winery Gift Shop. Heineman Winery makes and bottles all of their wines on-site, from grapes grown on the island. A glass of wine from the winery is a uniquely Put-in-Bay experience. If you are unsure which of their many... View More

Chocolate Cafe and Museum Gift Shop

At the Chocolate Cafe and Museum Gift Shop, you can get some souvenirs from your visit to the Chocolate Museum, including (it should go without saying) tons and tons of chocolate! Satisfy your sweet tooth and take some home for your friends. There’s even an opportunity to take a picture with Lucy from I Love Lucy in its famous Chocolate Factory episode. Fine chocolates and coffee, as well as over 30 flavors of ice cream, are available. You know that you won’t get your fill of chocolate in the short... View More


If you’re looking for a magical experience out on the waters of Lake Erie, a stop at the Wharfside is a necessity. The Wharfside has you covered for your on-the-water needs as well and snacks and drinks to enjoy on the outing. This is the place to stop before your fishing charter to grab your bait and tackle as well as any other accessories. And you don’t want your trip ruined by a citation for illegal fishing, so make sure to grab your Ohio fishing license while you’re here. They’ve... View More

Put-in-Bay Trading Co.

Put-in-Bay Trading Co. is a great spot to do some shopping right in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay. You can find a bunch of different clothing here, ranging from practical to novelty wares. Most of it bears the name of Put-in-Bay, so they make for great souvenir gifts as well. You can grab your swim trunks and flip-flops here if you forgot them, and grab a funny shirt to take home to someone at the end of your trip. Board shorts, hats, sunglasses, they’ve got it all, so make sure... View More

Local Color

One of the best things about getting away to an island community in general, and Put-in-Bay in particular, is shopping. You can find all sorts of fascinating little places up on Put-in-Bay. Something truly unique is waiting for you to remember your trip by. Local Color is one of those places. This shop looks small from the outside, but it’s filled to the brim with amazing Put-in-Bay memorabilia. You’ll find the standard stuff like clothes and mugs, drinkware and things like that, but also some amazing art from the island,... View More

Dockside Gifts

Dockside Gifts is a fantastic gift shop right by the docks with a great variety of island memorabilia. You’ll find the perfect keepsake to remind you of your getaway to Put-in-Bay here, and you can grab it on your way home or as soon as you arrive! There are also some conveniences available here like coffee, snacks, an ATM, and restrooms, just in case you forgot to go before your 20-minute ferry ride! You will find Dockside Gifts right by the Miller Lime Kiln Dock. This is one of two... View More

Bay View Gifts

Bay View Gifts is a lovely gift shop located a few steps from downtown Put-in-Bay. Located down the street from Miller Marina on Bayview Avenue. Take a stroll up to Bay View Gifts along Lake Erie and take in the beautiful lake views and the Put-in-Bay docks. Bay View Gifts offers a wide range of apparel and home decor. The purveyors of Bay View carefully select each item, guaranteeing everything in the shop is just right. Pick up a gift for someone special or just for you to remind yourself... View More