One of the best things about getting away to an island community in general, and Put-in-Bay in particular, is shopping. You can find all sorts of fascinating little places up on Put-in-Bay. Something truly unique is waiting for you to remember your trip by. Local Color is one of those places. This shop looks small from the outside, but it’s filled to the brim with amazing Put-in-Bay memorabilia. You’ll find the standard stuff like clothes and mugs, drinkware and things like that, but also some amazing art from the island, jewelry, stuffed animals. You’ll find a gift for anyone here. And maybe add a few things for yourself!

Stickers at Local Color

One of the things that Local Color is most known for is their awesome selection of stickers! If you’re one of those people that like to have some extra decoration on your car, your laptop, anywhere really, make sure to stop into Local Color. You can load up on cool stickers to stick wherever you please!

Where to find Local Color

Local Color is located in downtown Put-in-Bay, right in the shadow of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. This doric column, rising over 300 feet in the air, commemorates Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s victory in the Battle of Lake Erie. This battle was a critical turning point in the War of 1812. The spot also commemorates the longstanding peace between America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It’s a breathtaking site from anywhere on the island, and probably Put-in-Bay’s most famous attraction. And the great thing about Put-in-Bay is that everything is close to everything! All the shops and restaurants of downtown Put-in-Bay are within walking distance of Local Color! So there’s really no excuse not to stop by and check out one of the coolest, quirkiest shops on the island!