Dockside Gifts is a fantastic gift shop right by the docks with a great variety of island memorabilia. You’ll find the perfect keepsake to remind you of your getaway to Put-in-Bay here, and you can grab it on your way home or as soon as you arrive! There are also some conveniences available here like coffee, snacks, an ATM, and restrooms, just in case you forgot to go before your 20-minute ferry ride!

You will find Dockside Gifts right by the Miller Lime Kiln Dock. This is one of two main landing spots on the island, and thousands of people come through this dock every single summer weekend via the Miller Ferry. Once you’re on land, if you haven’t squared away your island transportation, call Island Club Taxi Service. They’ll get you anywhere on the island for $3, a deal you can’t beat! Try getting that price on the mainland! For a more permanent solution, head over to Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot. Rent one of their many varieties of golf carts and you can get around just like the islanders do!

Your Put-in-Bay Getaway

You won’t believe how much you’ll find to do at Put-in-Bay! There are underground caves, wineries, bars, restaurants, more shopping than you can believe, it’s all here on South Bass Island! There’s also the incredible nature preserves and state parks to visit, as well as the museums and memorials about the island’s remarkable history.

Your trip to Put-in-Bay is going to be the highlight of your summer. And at the end of your getaway, you’ll definitely want one (or two) more things to remember your trip by. Dockside Gifts is the place to get them, right on your way out the door and back onto the Miller Ferry, headed home with great memories of a weekend up at the island. We’ll see you at the Bay!