Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot

Get around the island like a local when you rent a cart with the Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot! Everyone does Put-in-Bay a little differently, but no matter what, you’ll need to get around. Maybe you are here to see all of the amazing historical sites like Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, or perhaps the parks and trails and natural splendor are your destinations. Or maybe you just need to get downtown for a hearty breakfast after a night of living it up island-style! Whatever your transportation needs during your... View More

Put-in-Bay Winery

One of the things that Put-in-Bay is most known for is wine! Winemaking on South Bass Island is a long-standing tradition, ever since grape cultivators realized that Lake Erie offered a stabilizing effect that gave the Bass Islands the longest frost-free period of anywhere in Ohio. Learn about this, and much more about the winemaking process, at Put-in-Bay Winery. Oh, and enjoy a bunch of wine too! The Put-in-Bay Winery is located on the Doller House Estate. The Doller House Estate was once the home of Valentine Doller, a German... View More

South Bass Island’s Lighthouse

There’s no shortage of historic sites to explore at Put-in-Bay, but the South Bass Island Lighthouse stands out as particularly fantastic. Not only can you explore a piece of history, you also get to enjoy perhaps the finest views of Lake Erie that any of the Bass Islands have to offer! And if you’re fortunate enough to be visiting the island on the date of a guided tour, you’ll get to learn more than you could ever imagine about Lake Erie and the Bass Islands. The Lighthouse South Bass Island... View More

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church

Founded in 1864 and with construction completed in 1865, the walls of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church have been home to some remarkable history. In fact, it actually predates the incorporation of Put-in-Bay! It stands today as both a historical landmark and a house of worship. Saint Paul’s has services year-round at 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings. Additionally, during Put-in-Bay’s summer months, when the island is filled with visitors, Saint Paul’s hosts a second service earlier in the morning, at 7:45 AM. Saint Paul’s offers the sacraments of baptism, communion, and... View More

Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub

Explore the island in style by grabbing a seat on the Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub. You and your friends will help power the vehicle by pedaling, just like a bike, while a trained employee steers. You won’t believe all the heads that turn as you cruise around downtown in this unique vehicle. This may just end up being the highlight of your trip to Put-in-Bay! Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub books private tours for up to 16 people. These private tours can be arranged to stop at points of interest of your choosing,... View More

Perry’s Cave Rock Wall

Put-in-Bay is a relaxation haven in the Midwest. People come from all around the country to spend a weekend basking in the sun and having easy breezy fun. But for some people, it’s tough to just relax. The idea of laying back in a pool deck chair with a cool drink all day just doesn’t work for them. They’re always seeking a challenge or a contest. Well if you’re that person, Put-in-Bay has you covered too! Head on down to Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center and race a friend or... View More

Bay Paddleboarding

Sometimes, you just want to do something a little different. To get away from all the shopping and dining and cool drinks that downtown Put-in-Bay has to offer. To enjoy the island and our beautiful Lake Erie up close. If you’re feeling the itch for exploration, Bay Paddleboarding has the answer! Bay Paddleboarding will do everything to ensure that your experience paddling out on Lake Erie is unforgettable. You don’t have to worry if you’ve never done it before, as Bay Paddleboarding offers lessons to beginners. What kind of trip... View More

Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides

Elevate your weekend getaway and see Put-in-Bay from a new angle with Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides. They’ll take you up high into the sky to get a brand new perspective of the Lake Erie Islands. You’ll love this relaxing leisurely cruise through the skies above the island, it’s a very unique outing to add to your weekend at the Bay! Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides offers two different tours, a ‘white’ tour well as a ‘blue’ tour. The white tour will take you to Cedar Point and Port Clinton as well as showing... View More

Put-in-Bay Charter Fishing

With a combined 50 years of charter fishing experience, Captain Bruce and Captain Steve of Put-in-Bay Charter Fishing are the perfect pair to help you make the most out of your charter fishing experience on Lake Erie. They know everything there is to know about Lake Erie’s game fish and their migratory patterns. They’ll be ecstatic to have the chance to share that information with you to maximize your chances of landing the big one! They are both licensed by the State of Ohio and the U.S. Coast Guard and... View More