The Island General Store is Put-in-Bay’s only full-service grocery. Fresh produce, a full meat department, and other sundries are on hand for visitors and locals alike.

The store is just around the corner from the main downtown drag. The Put-in-Bay Police Department and Town Hall are directly across the street. It is an easy walk to some of the best bars and restaurants on the island. This part of town has definitely seen its share of growth over the last 10 years! Bars such as Mojito Bay, Hooligans, and the recently revamped Reel Bar are all new additions to the scene. The Old Forge Restaurant is also close by. A great place to dig into a crepe first thing in the morning

The Island General Store Offerings

Whether you are staying in a hotel or one of the Put-in-Bay Condos, the General Store is well-stocked for everyone. If your lodging does include a kitchen, stock up on eggs, bacon, and biscuits to devour after a late-night downtown.

There are tons of great places for picnics in Put-in-Bay. From a picnic on the boat, in DeRivera Park or South Bass Island State Park, you’ll need groceries. Make sandwiches for the boat with deli meats and fresh bread. Pile hot dogs, and burgers into the cart for a BBQ. Each park includes charcoal pits for grilling.

Planning a romantic dinner for two? Make sure to grab a bottle of wine down at Heineman Winery then come by the General Store to purchase fresh produce and a fine, hand-cut steak for your culinary creation.

Local favorites also line the shelves. Toft’s Ice Cream is made in Sandusky, Ohio and beloved by Ohioans statewide. The prices are quite affordable considering it is the only store in town. The liquor store is across the street if you need to grab a 6-pack of Great Lakes brews.