It wouldn’t be a Put-in-Bay summer without several visits to The Round House Bar. This island institution has been a favorite for over 140 years. You know it’s open when the “Whiskey” light is lit up. Head on in and have a grand old time.

The Round House Bar History

Originally the Columbia Restaurant, the building opened in 1873. Back then, there was no way to keep things cool. So the intrepid island dwellers figured out an ingenious way. They served up ice cream and cottage cheese using blocks of ice gathered from Lake Erie in the winter. Housed in what is now the Put-in-Bay Winery, the ice kept things nice and cold.

The famous circular bar built-in 1944 by the Greunke family gave The Round House its signature look. They commissioned the Cincinnati Brewing Company to construct it. It was the perfect place to hold concerts “in the round,” and Mrs. Greunke was often the featured pianist. They moved the stage to its current location so the performer wouldn’t play with their back to the audience.

The McCann family has owned The Round House since the early 1950s. They were responsible for painting its signature red, white, and blue. Artist Scott LoBadio painted the outside and the inside walls features murals by Canoe Bob.

Summer’s at The Roundhouse

The Round House is the perfect place to spend a summer day. The indoor/outdoor feel is friendly and fun. Drinks are always flowing and live music is on tap. They host a variety of acts all summer long! Some favorites include Mike “Mad Dog” Adams, the Killer Flamingos, and Ray Fogg. Most days include an afternoon and evening show.

Come and party in the red, white, and blue Round House Bar. Located right next door to the Park Hotel, it is in the very heart of downtown Put-in-Bay.


Connor M: “One of the oldest bars in the country, this iconic ’round’ bar is the destination for anyone new to PIB. Live music every afternoon and evening all season long, make it a great place to spend some time with friends or make new ones. Their famous ‘bucket’ of beer is a great way to share with a group. It gets very crowded and loud on most days, but that’s how it is supposed to be. Very loose, fun atmosphere. Make sure to check out the legendary Mike “Mad Dog’ Adams. who has been entertaining here afternoons for 38 years or more? The bar staff is fantastic, with most of them long time employees. You haven’t experienced Put-in-Bay unless you have been to the Roundhouse!”

Jody D: “Hands down, The Round House is our favorite bar on the island! They absolutely book the very best bands and entertainment out of all of their neighbors. Drinks are strong, the sound is amazing, and EVERYONE is dancing and making friends at this establishment. Service is quick too. I would also like to mention that the front porch staff was very kind to escort me through the crowd as I was in a wheelchair. Good looking out guys! Obviously, the staff encourages fun for all!”

Dan D: “This place offers a unique experience in many ways. Decor, live entertainment, and yes, beer in plastic buckets. When we visit family in Port Clinton (from California) we always stop here. The beer selection is meager, but appropriate for the place. There is also a full bar. The red buckets contain 12- 14 cups (12 oz) and cost $39. Don’t worry about your beer getting warm- there is a zip lock bag of ice floating in it. Apparently, you can take the bucket home. I saw a guy toting one later in the day somewhere on the island. The entertainment starts at 2 PM. I’ve been there when there was a dance band and had a lot of fun dancing with the crowd. This time there was a stand-up comedian who was trashy and vulgar and just not my taste. But the crowd seemed to enjoy him!”