Escape to Put-in-Bay, Ohio: Your Perfect Getaway Awaits

Looking for the ideal spot for a family vacation, a romantic escape, or a fun trip with friends? Put-in-Bay, Ohio, is your answer. Just a stone’s throw away from big cities, it’s 80 miles from Cleveland, 50 miles from Toledo, 20 miles from Sandusky, and a quick 10-minute ride from Catawba. This little island on Lake Erie is a favorite for visitors from the USA, Canada, and beyond, thanks to its wide range of activities.
Put-in-Bay isn’t just any vacation spot. Here, you can chill by the pool, enjoy the sun on, dance the night away downtown, or explore all the cool things the island has to offer. It’s a place where every day can be a new adventure. This Ohio gem is all about making those memories that last. So why wait? Pack your bags and head to Put-in-Bay for an experience you won’t forget!

Things To Do In Put In Bay
Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot
Get around the island like a local when you rent a cart with the Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot! Everyone does Put-in-Bay a little differently, but no matter what, you’ll need to get around. Maybe you are here to see all of the amazing historical sites like Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, or perhaps the parks and trails and natural splendor are your destinations. Or maybe you just need to get downtown for a hearty breakfast after a night of living it up island-style! Whatever your transportation needs during your...View More
Put-in-Bay Winery
One of the things that Put-in-Bay is most known for is wine! Winemaking on South Bass Island is a long-standing tradition, ever since grape cultivators realized that Lake Erie offered a stabilizing effect that gave the Bass Islands the longest frost-free period of anywhere in Ohio. Learn about this, and much more about the winemaking process, at Put-in-Bay Winery. Oh, and enjoy a bunch of wine too! The Put-in-Bay Winery is located on the Doller House Estate. The Doller House Estate was once the home of Valentine Doller, a German...View More
South Bass Island’s Lighthouse
There’s no shortage of historic sites to explore at Put-in-Bay, but the South Bass Island Lighthouse stands out as particularly fantastic. Not only can you explore a piece of history, you also get to enjoy perhaps the finest views of Lake Erie that any of the Bass Islands have to offer! And if you’re fortunate enough to be visiting the island on the date of a guided tour, you’ll get to learn more than you could ever imagine about Lake Erie and the Bass Islands. The Lighthouse South Bass Island...View More
Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church
Founded in 1864 and with construction completed in 1865, the walls of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church have been home to some remarkable history. In fact, it actually predates the incorporation of Put-in-Bay! It stands today as both a historical landmark and a house of worship. Saint Paul’s has services year-round at 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings. Additionally, during Put-in-Bay’s summer months, when the island is filled with visitors, Saint Paul’s hosts a second service earlier in the morning, at 7:45 AM. Saint Paul’s offers the sacraments of baptism, communion, and...View More
Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub
Explore the island in style by grabbing a seat on the Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub. You and your friends will help power the vehicle by pedaling, just like a bike, while a trained employee steers. You won’t believe all the heads that turn as you cruise around downtown in this unique vehicle. This may just end up being the highlight of your trip to Put-in-Bay! Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub books private tours for up to 16 people. These private tours can be arranged to stop at points of interest of your choosing,...View More

Explore Put-in-Bay, Ohio: Your Ultimate Guide to Its Hidden Gems

Put-in-Bay, Ohio, is a place of exciting activities perfect for all ages, promising an unforgettable experience at South Bass Island. This destination is rich in history and tradition, ensuring that visitors leave with great memories.
Take a Put-in-Bay Ferry like Miller Ferry from Catawba or the Jet Express from Port Clinton to reach Put-in-Bay and discover what the island has to offer. To make the most of your visit, consider staying on the island for a couple of days. You’ll find a variety of excellent Put-in-Bay lodging options, including cozy hotels, Put-in-Bay Condos, rental homes and Put-in-Bay resort. Don’t miss out on special deals and discounts, especially if your travel dates are flexible. This could lead to significant savings. That being said, start planning your Put-in-Bay adventure today and get ready to create lasting memories!

Discover the Top 10 Attractions in Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Perry's Monument
Perry's Monument

Embark on an adventure at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, where a number of attractions await. Here’s a guide to the top 10 must-visit spots for an unforgettable experience.

1. Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial: This towering monument celebrates the peace between U.S., Canada, and Britain following the war of 1812. It’s a symbol of historical significance and offers breathtaking views of Lake Erie.
2. South Bass Island State Park: A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, this park offers camping, picnicking, and stunning lake views. It’s perfect for a family day out or a peaceful retreat in nature.
3. Heineman’s Winery: Include yourself in local wine tasting at Heineman’s, the oldest family-run winery in Ohio. Discover their unique wine cellar and learn about their rich winemaking heritage and their amazing grape juice.
4. Chocolate Museum: A sweet treat for all ages, the Chocolate Museum showcases delicious chocolate varieties, ice cream and fascinating history, making it a nice stop for families and chocolate lovers.
5. Ohio State Stone Lab at Gibraltar Island: Explore this interesting research facility, offering educational tours that provide insights into Lake Erie’s ecosystem and conservation efforts.
6. Gemstone Mining at Perry’s Cave & Family Fun Center: Experience the thrill of mining for gemstones. It’s an educational and fun activity, perfect for kids and families.
7. Crystal Cave: Visit the world’s largest geode, Crystal Cave. This natural wonder, located beneath a winery, is a unique geological attraction not to be missed.
8. Kayak rental: Paddle around the quiet waters of Put-in-Bay. Kayaking is a great way to explore the coastline and enjoy the island’s natural beauty.
9. Put-In-Bay Watercraft Rentals: Rent a jet ski, boat, or other watercraft and experience the excitement of Lake Erie. It’s perfect for adventure seekers and boaters.
10. DeRivera Park and Delaware Ave: Relax in this picturesque park, ideal for picnics, leisurely walks, and enjoying the island’s charm.

Convenient Transportation Options in Put-in-Bay Ohio

Getting to Put-in-Bay itself is an adventure, offering amazing views of Lake Erie and nearby islands. Once you arrive, a favorite activity among visitors is to rent a Put-in-Bay golf cart. This popular mode of transport is a fun and easy way to navigate the island. You can rent your own golf cart at Golf Cart Depot (located on Catawba Avenue) or Golf Cart Center (located on Delaware Avenue).
Touring Put-in-Bay by golf cart allows you to explore parks and attractions at your own pace. It’s a stylish and efficient way to see everything the island has to offer. For those who prefer not to drive, Put-in-Bay taxis offer an affordable alternative at just $4 per person. Whether by golf cart or taxi, getting around Put-in-Bay is easy, affordable, and adds to the charm of your island experience. Enjoy the freedom and fun of exploring Put-in-Bay your way!

Have a look at the Visitor Center in Put-in-Bay

You can start your trip on Put-in- Bay by having a look at the Visitor Center, located at the iconic Perry Victory and International Peace Memorial. This hub is not just a resource for island attractions but also a gateway to the rich history of Oliver Hazard Perry and the pivotal Battle of Lake Erie, showcased in the museum.
Climb atop the monument for a breathtaking view from the observation deck, offering a unique perspective of the island. The Visitor Center is strategically placed, providing easy access to Put-in-Bay’s best attractions. Enhance your experience by renting a golf cart, a fun and speedy way to explore the island’s numerous activities and sights.
Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or adventure seeker, the Put-in-Bay Visitor Center is your starting point for a diverse range of enjoyable experiences. Visit Put-in-Bay and immerse yourself in the excitement and beauty this island offers!


Put-in-Bay: Why this island is the perfect place for your next trip

Family Fun and Adventure
Families visiting Put-in-Bay have a world of fun awaiting them. Engage in a friendly match at the miniature golf course or explore the exciting Adventure Bay Amusement Park. For a unique island overview, hop on the guided tour of Put-in-Bay Tour Train, a fantastic educational and sightseeing opportunity. Perry’s Cave & Family Fun Center is another hit, featuring the challenging fort amaze’n and a thrilling rock wall that kids adore.
Amazing Put-in-Bay Restaurants and Leisure Activities
Gather your friends for a delightful visit to the Put-in-Bay winery. Taste the famous lobster bisque at the boardwalk, and treat yourself to a sweet dessert from the candy store, followed by the joyful Kimberly’s carousel ride. For a more relaxed experience, enjoy a round of golf or dive in local history at the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society.
Endless Adventures
Adrenaline seeksers can explore hidden caves or opt for jet skiing for a day of excitement on the water. Water sports are a popular activity in Put-in-Bay, offering a perfect mix of thrill and fun. For a bird’s-eye view of the island, book a helicopter tour at the Put-in-Bay airport located on the side of Langram Road.
Vibrant Nightlife
Weekend warriors will find their haven in downtown Put-in-Bay. With live music at various bars and restaurants, the nightlife is lively and guarantees a great time out. Weekends are especially busy as the bars fill with bachelorette parties and other people who are celebrating their own milestones, anniversaries, etc.
Romantic Escapes
Couples can find romance around every corner at Put-in-Bay Island. From visiting the Antique Car Museum to kayaking or strolling in South Bass Island State Park, the island sets the scene for love and adventure. For a truly romantic experience, try parasailing and ‘conquer’ the stunning waters.
Parks and Natural Beauty
South Bass Island prides itself on its beautiful parks, including State and National Parks, reflecting the island’s commitment to land conservation. These parks offer a peaceful retreat into nature.
Nearby Attractions
Families often take a day trip to nearby Cedar Point, easily accessible via the Jet Express Ferry during peak season. Nearby islands like Middle Bass Island, Kelleys Island, and North Bass Island offer additional exploration opportunities.
Accommodations and Planning Your Visit
While Put-in-Bay is not so big in size, it’s big in attractions and activities. With Put-in-Bay hotels, and rental properties like Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos and Island Club, it’s essential to book in advance as these spots fill up quickly.


Put-in-Bay Experience Beauty
Put-in-Bay Experience Beauty

While the island is small, it is large in attractions. At Put-in-Bay, there are things to do for absolutely everyone! So, don’t miss out this season. Homes, hotels, and rentals book up fast. Nearby islands include Middle Bass Island, Kelleys Island, and North Bass Island. Enjoy beautiful lakeside views, key west-Esque picnic areas, and other great lakes attractions.

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