Scheeff East Point Preserve is a heart-shaped loop trail on the northeast tip of South Bass Island. The trail winds through shrubbery, tall grass, and wooded areas. There are also four offshoots of the trail that lead down to the beach, where you can enjoy Lake Erie in all its splendor. The views of the lake from here are absolutely breathtaking.

With its beachfront access, this is a perfect location for some shoreline fishing. There is also kayak access on site. This is also a relatively easy trail so it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Your Visit to Scheeff East Point Preserve

Some of the best shots of Put-in-Bay come from this preserve, so if you enjoy nature photography, be sure not to miss Scheeff East Point Preserve. At certain times of the year you may see some water snakes down by the beach. We recommend about 25 minutes to have the time to complete the entire trail leisurely and enjoy it. Just be sure to stay on the path, and if you ignore that advice, keep an eye out for Poison Ivy and Oak! It is plentiful off the path, but the path is carefully maintained to keep it away from where everyone walks.

Scheeff East Point Preserve is a one of a kind Put-in-Bay experience. Nowhere else can you see the island in all its natural splendor like you can here. An underrated part of the trip is the drive up to East Point, which is beautiful in its own right. And your way back will lead you right through historic downtown Put-in-Bay. Take advantage of your time here with some great shopping at places like Del Sol or Lovella Fashion Apparel. Then have a slice of pizza at Frosty Pizza or a burrito from Big Man’s Burrito Stand!


660-1158 Columbus Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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