There’s no feeling quite like skimming across the surface of the water on a Jet Ski. The mist is so refreshing as you whip along at what seems like lightspeed. Then you pull a hard right and fishtail, spraying water all over the place and having an absolute blast! Lake Erie is a perfect place to Jet Ski, and it’s a beloved island activity. You know that if you come up to Put-in-Bay and don’t spend any time out on the water you’ll regret it. So get your Jet Ski at Put-in-Bay Jet Ski and spend a couple exhilarating hours cruising along on our wonderful Lake!

Put-in-Bay Jet Ski offers multiple options to make the most out of your Jet Ski excursion. There is the self-navigation option if you just want to get out onto the water and have some fun. For this, they offer half hour and hourly rates. There is even a coupon on their website for 20% off so be sure not to forget it!

Perhaps the more interesting option, though, is their tour of the island. This tour is typically around 2 and a half hours long and includes a break for a bite to eat at the Boardwalk Restaurant. You will circumnavigate the island and get up close and personal with Put-in-Bay landmarks like the South Bass Island Lighthouse! It is recommended that you call to reserve a spot on this tour at least two days in advance. Alternatively, you can use their online reservation form which can be found on their website.

Imagine for a moment that this isn’t your vacation getaway weekend. It is just a Saturday afternoon at home. You could have a beer, or a nice fancy dinner. But it’s not very likely that you’d be able to go Jet Ski! Make the most of your island getaway by having a blast with an experience that you can’t get at home, and do it with a Jet Ski rental from Put-in-Bay Jet Ski.


14 Bath St, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA