Alfred Parker Park is a cozy, intimate overlook that might be the perfect setting for your afternoon picnic. The park is named for Captain Alfred Parker, famous and beloved captain of a Put-in-Bay ferry. He served the Put-in-Bay community as a trustee for over three decades.

Green Island

The park offers a great look at Green Island. Green Island is a wildlife refuge operated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It is not open to the public at present, but you can gaze on it from afar from Alfred Parker Park on Put-in-Bay.

Green Island is uninhabited now, and the forest has reclaimed the land, but in the early 1800s, the island was mined for celestite, a mineral made up of the element strontium, which is used in metal alloys. Now, however, island wildlife is thriving.

Alfred Parker Park

At the park, you will find a green space, mowed and maintained, and shaded by many trees. Planter boxes house the trees, boxes which double as perfect seating. This park does not have water access, and there is a chain-link fence preventing people from jumping into the lake for safety reasons. If you’d like to head to a park area on Put-in-Bay with water access, you can check out South Bass Island State Park.

Alfred Parker Park is one of the more isolated attractions on the island, perfect for getting away when downtown is getting a little too hectic. But the wonderful thing about Put-in-Bay is that nothing is out of range. If you’re staying at the Island Club, you can call in a pick-up order to Joe’s Bar and Restaurant and take it up to Alfred Parker Park, a great secluded spot for a lunchtime picnic. Just make sure to clean up after yourself, because this park is a Put-in-Bay treasure!