The Put-in-Bay Police Department serves South Bass Island as well as Middle Bass Island. They are charged with keeping the two islands and their citizens and guests safe. The officers are well trained to assist tourists and locals alike as well as respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies.

Put-in-Bay Police Department Location

The police department is located on the lower level of the Put-in-Bay Town Hall. The offices are down there as well as the holding cells. The dispatch department is able to send out officers or the Fire Department and EMS when necessary.

The Put-in-Bay Police Department is as unique as the island itself. During the off-season, the population of Put-in-Bay shrinks to the low hundreds. And so there are only a few year-round officers.

New recruits arrive on the island every Spring. This is often their first assignment and training ground. Under the leadership of the Chief of Police, these recruits learn how to deal with a variety of situations. These experiences help them become well-rounded officers. You never know what will happen on a busy day in the summer.

Put-in-Bay Police Department Divisions

There are six different divisions. The Records Division is charged with collecting and maintaining crucial information. The Dispatch Department answers phone calls and sends out the appropriate units to assist. The Bike Patrol is the unit most tourists are familiar with. They are on the ground, ready to help when needed, and spring to action during an emergency. Their bikes help them get places fast.

The Investigation Unit dives deeper into more serious crimes. Using detective skills they solve crimes ranging from robberies to violent crimes. And finally, the Chief leads his entire force with a steady hand.

The officers of the Put-in-Bay Police Department are here to keep you safe and keep a cool head no matter the circumstance. Next time you see an officer, thank them. They deserve it!