Call Island Club Taxi Service for all your transportation needs while on Put-in-Bay. The preferred transportation provider on the island, Island Club services the island with a smile.

Their fleet is comprised of 15 passenger vans, all adorned with their famous logo. Just look for the cheery palm tree and orange lettering and you are good to go! Their drivers are extremely knowledgeable about the island and always know where they’re going. No need to worry about getting lost, it won’t happen with Island Club.

Island Club Taxi Specialities

Island Club Taxi Service also understands the unique needs of this popular tourist destination. They are adept to handling groups of all different sizes from weddings, conventions, school groups, business meetings, family reunions, and tours. A popular choice for bridal parties, Island Club arranges transportation to and from the receptions.


Arriving on the island? Arrange your pick up with Island Club. They will meet you at your dock and handle all of your luggage to and from the van.

For large groups and special events, simply call them up. They will plan the transportation for the entire event.

Each drive is a volunteer, committed to providing the best for Put-in-Bay. As a member of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce, the company is a pillar of this community. Riding with Island Club is always fun and who knows, you may learn something new about the island only a local would know!

Downtown Put-in-Bay

Parking is a nightmare downtown. Driving to a night out on the town means looking for parking half the night. Let Island Club take you there.

Summer nights on Put-in-Bay usually go until late. With bars like Mr. Ed’s and Frosty Bar partying into the night, late-night taxi service is essential. Call them up when it is time to go home. They operate until 3 am during the summer season.


Steve S: “We had such an amazing experience with this taxi service. Tim (aka Coconut) was not only always early, but always friendly and went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time, knew where we were going, and even called a friend of his to see if he could arrange a tour for us. Our group could not recommend this service and Coconut enough!”

Jaron C: “Andy picked me and my buddies up from the boat he helped with our luggage and was super cool. His cab was really clean and the ac was cranked. Which was nice. Most cabs don’t have ac over there and when they get crowded it gets so hot and uncomfortable. I defiantly recommend his services. He drove us around all weekend long. Always on a timely matter. Never had to wait longer than 15 minutes for a ride. The best cab driver I’ve had on Put in Bay.”

Adam B: “We went over to the islands last weekend and had Andy pick us up. My mom really liked him and he gave us good recommendations on things to go see, places to eat, and different trees on the island. Every time he gave us a ride he helped us pack it too. Keep cheering for the Brown’s, maybe one day you’ll see a Chip.”