The Boathouse Beverage Center & Delivery is a unique experience. While drive-thru stores were more common back in the day, we don’t see them too much anymore. Island Resorts makes things are easy as popular. Located right downtown on Hartford Avenue, cars and walkers can come through and pick out what they need.


They also deliver! Call them up for your next get together and they’ll deliver the goods

Boathouse Beverage Center & Delivery Offerings

Enter through a big bay door and a staff member will walk with you, picking out your items. The cash register is at the end. You don’t even have to leave your car!

The store carries a good selection of beer, snacks, and soda. The perfect spot to swing by when you forget something or just need a snack. The prices are low but some things are slightly more expensive than on the mainland, but that’s just island living.

Downtown Put-in-Bay

The closest restaurant to Boathouse Beverage Center is the Boathouse of course. This island favorite serves up amazing food such as their Smoked Fish Spread and Cajun Jambalaya. They make all the classic bar foods with their own gourmet twist on it. Live music can be heard almost every night during the summer season and the drinks are strong!

The Village Cafe is the ideal place to start your day. Come by for fresh coffee, homemade pastries, and a hearty selection of breakfast sandwiches. Really delicious!

Some of the best shopping can be found in a two or three-block radius of downtown. Boutiques like Del Sol, Mariner’s Locker, and the Island Surf Spot can all be found in this square.

The lovely DeRivera Park is right across the street. Enjoy an iced soda from Island Resorts at one of the picnic tables. Traveling with kids? Take them to Kimberly’s Carousel and the Put-in-Bay Candy Bar for something really sweet. Enjoy your candy and ice cream on the patio while watching folks take a spin on the Carousel.