31 Jul
01 Aug

The Amphicars Are Coming!

These incredibly unique amphibious cars visit the Bay every year, and July 31-August 1 they’ll be here again. You’ll never see anything like these cars, which can drive right into the water and become boats. So if you’re at the Bay for these dates, bring a camera and maybe some swim trunks, if you’re lucky you might get to take a ride in one. If you’re not, you can still get some pictures!

PIB Amphicar Days Schedule

Until the 2023 itinerary arrives, take a look at what went down in 2022 to get an idea about the event!

Day One: 7/25/22

The Amphicars will be arriving on the 11am Miller Ferry. At 12:45pm, there will be an Amphicar Parade around the square and leading to the waterfront, where the cars will park at the entry ramp for photos. At 1pm, the Amphicars will be “splashing in” to Lake Erie, and then parading around the harbor in the water. You’ll be able to watch this bit on The Boardwalk Harbor Cam or livestreaming on the Put-in-Bay Island Guide Facebook page. At 1:30pm the Amphicars will begin their traditional trek to Middle Bass Island for lunch. They’ll be returning at 5pm for Happy Hour at The Keys and an unstructured evening of Amphicar fun in downtown PIB!

Day Two: 7/26/22

Amphicars return to downtown sometime mid-morning, where they will be circulating around the businesses and attractions throughout the day for a more loosely organized day including Q&A’s, trivia and a bunch of fun. Home base for these escapades will be the ramp next to the Jet Express. The Amphicars head back to the mainland at 7:30PM, where they’ll be hanging around at Docks Beach Bar in Port Clinton every night through Saturday. Some Amphicars will come back to Put-in-Bay for periods Wed-Sat.

Call 203-910-7903 with any questions about the itinerary!


July 31, 2023 - August 01, 2023

, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

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