Check out our top choices for places to stay for the Monumental Eclipse! Call soon for the best rooms and houses, because there will be high demand for the eclipse!

Experience the Magic of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse at Put-in-Bay!

Mark your calendars for an extraordinary event on April 8th, 2024, as Put-in-Bay becomes the prime location for witnessing a total solar eclipse! This rare celestial phenomenon will transform the daytime skies over South Bass Island into a dusk-like spectacle. With the right viewing equipment, visitors will have the chance to safely observe the moon completely obscuring the sun. Considering that only about 9% of U.S. residents live in the eclipse’s path, the remaining 91% have a unique opportunity to travel for this spectacle, and Put-in-Bay, Ohio, is the ideal destination.

A Rare and Memorable Astronomical Event

Remember the total solar eclipse of 2017 that captivated the United States? While it might seem like such eclipses are common, they’re actually quite rare. The next one visible in the U.S. won’t occur until 2045. Missing the 2024 eclipse means a long two-decade wait for the next one, making this event at Put-in-Bay an unmissable opportunity.

The 2024 eclipse will be even more remarkable, lasting around 4 and a half minutes, significantly longer than the 2017 eclipse. This extended duration makes it an exceptional viewing experience that shouldn’t be missed.

The Ideal Viewing Location: Put-in-Bay, Ohio

As people across the nation plan for this event, it’s clear that Put-in-Bay is the perfect setting for experiencing the eclipse. Cities like Dallas, Indianapolis, and Buffalo will witness it, but none offer the unique charm of Put-in-Bay. Situated within the narrow path of totality, it’s a must-visit for serious eclipse enthusiasts from cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.

While planning your eclipse trip, consider making it a memorable getaway. Rent a golf cart, enjoy fishing in Lake Erie, and immerse yourself in the special ambiance of Put-in-Bay, Ohio, as you witness this celestial event.

Join Us at Put-in-Bay for an Unforgettable Eclipse Experience!

By April 8th, 2024, transport services like the Miller Ferry and the Jet Express will be operational, possibly bringing springtime weather with them. We can’t guarantee the temperatures, but we can promise an array of accommodations, from cozy hotels to vacation rental homes. Enjoy our vibrant bars, restaurants, and the pleasure of exploring in a Put-in-Bay golf cart. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of Put-in-Bay’s Monumental Eclipse and create memories that will last a lifetime!