Mojito Bay is a tropical paradise located right in the heart of Put-in-Bay. A rustic tiki hut sits right at the intersection of Catawba and Delaware Avenue, greeting every visitor to the island. It’s hard to pass by without swinging in for a mojito. And swing you do at Mojito Bay. Instead of bar stools, swings hanging from the ceiling, making a visit to Mojito Bay extra fun.

Mojito Bay’s Motto is “Drink in Hand, Toes in the Sand”

The entire bar floor is indeed covered in sand. This really is the perfect tiki bar atmosphere. And we haven’t even discussed the drinks! The mojitos served here are beyond the ordinary. With interesting flavor profiles, top-shelf rum, and fresh ingredients, if you’re not a mojito lover when you walk in, you will be when you walk out.

Mojito Highlights
  • Melon
  • Oakheart
  • Orange
  • Passion Fruit
  • Peach
  • Pomegranate
  • Sweet Tea with Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea

They start every drink with house-made simple syrup and muddle fresh mint and limes to release their herbaceous and tart flavors. The most important ingredient, rum, is then added along with ice and a splash of charged water. The bartender shakes and pours it into a tall glass for you to enjoy. It’s the perfect mix of sweet, rich rum flavor, and the impeccable pairing of mint and lime. Try every kind of mojito on the menu. You have all summer!

Ernest Hemingway introduced this Cuban beverage to Florida in the 50’s so let’s toast to him. Live music is on deck on the weekends throughout the summer. Some of the stellar acts include Jamison Charles, The Gryphons, and the Flyin’ Jays.

Imagine swinging around, socializing with your best friends with an incredible drink in hand. That’s the Mojito Bay way and a perfect way to celebrate summer on Put-in-Bay.


Jill R: “If the weather is nice, this is the place to come at Put-in-Bay!! Always have live music going along with some amazing mojitos to enjoy. The swings at the bar are every girl’s Instagram dream (yes, I have posted a photo on them). It is nice to feel the sand on your feet when you are there. I enjoy that it is not a traditional bar and the laid back vibe you experience while you are there. The bartender was even nice enough to share the WiFi password with me. Can’t wait to come back in the summer to enjoy some more mojitos with friends.”

Megan W: “Alright I loved this place. Spent two nights in Put-in-Bay for a bachelorette party last month and we hit this place both nights. It’s an absolute blast! It feels like you’re at the beach with the decor, sand, and swings! I love it. The band was decent and the bartenders were fabulous. Extremely helpful, fast, and nice. So great about splitting bills and making 18 shots. Seriously, if you are in Put-in-Bay and looking for a good night, look no further! Can’t wait to visit this place if I ever make a trip back to the island. Thank you to the staff here!”

Justin S: “Mojito Bay is my favorite place to day-drink on the island. The ground is covered in sand and they have swing seats at the bar. How fun! It really makes you feel like you are on vacation when you are here. There was also live music already playing when we got here at noon. The service was very friendly and fast, especially considering 75% of the orders are mojitos. Impressive. The mojitos are $8 apiece but there is a huge selection of flavors posted above the bar and boy are they tasty. Mixed drinks were actually much cheaper than I would have thought. 16 oz beers are right about 5 bucks. Definitely, a must stop.”