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The I-LYA Power Boating Regattas are a classic Put-in-Bay event that draws boaters from all over to compete in the many events. There is a full schedule of activities for the boaters. These include various dinners, putt-putt, a fishing contest, pub crawls, and much much more. All of this revolves around various power boating competitions. Additionally, there is a junior power boat competition. There’s also the Commodore’s Trophy which tests boaters in a number of yachting disciplines.

Components of the Commodore’s Trophy at the I-LYA Power Boating Regattas

  • Predicted Log and Navigation (30%)- Competitors are given the information about a course. They must attempt to determine how long the course will take them to complete. Then they’ll have to do so in their boats without the aid of timekeeping instruments. The closer to the estimated time of completion the better.
  • Docking (25%)- Competitors will leave their docked spot, complete a 360 degree turn, and return to their dock spot with precision, aiming marks placed on the boat by the judges.
  • Chicane (25%)- This contest involves moving forward through a course, completing a 360 degree turn, and returning through the course in reverse, all without creating a wake.
  • Weather Prediction (20%)- Competitors will use their instincts and Lake Erie knowledge to project the weather, precipitation, barometer and more on the lake the following day.

I-LYA stands for the Inter-Lake Yachting Association. This is the latest edition of the I-LYA Power Boating Regattas. That’s quite an anniversary! You can learn much more about the Regattas, including an official full event schedule, event rules and regulations, and more by following this link. Some of the on-land events of the week include a cocktail party, cardboard boat races, a golf tournament and a pub crawl. That’s just the start of what will be many social events on the week’s calendar. Just don’t forget those summer whites!

July 27, 2022 - July 31, 2022


Put-in-Bay , Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

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