20 Oct
20 Oct

Just like your local town has their Homecoming weekend, Put-in-Bay has one as well. But we do ours a little different up at the Bay! Homecoming is a huge party where we invite back all of the seasonal workers and our other friends from season’s past to come back up to the island and relive their amazing summer’s up here with a bar crawl and other events!

Put-in-Bay Homecoming

Homecoming is a very special occasion for all of us up at Put-in-Bay. The summer at Put-in-Bay is often a treasured memory for the hundreds of young adults who do seasonal work and internships on the island. This event is a way to commemorate the summer, a final send-off to a season filled with life-long memories. People from season’s past make it back for the weekend to relive their own great summers here. As you can imagine, the atmosphere at Put-in-Bay this weekend is very festive. That makes it a perfect time for you to join our Put-in-Bay alumni in some fun!

Don’t forget that this is also pretty much your last opportunity to get away to Put-in-Bay for a weekend before the island closes up shop as a summer destination and becomes a sleepy winter island community. The Halloween Boo Bash at the Bay is the following weekend, and that’s the end for 2018. So if you’ve got Halloween plans already on the mainland, that makes Homecoming weekend your last chance! We love this weekend up at Put-in-Bay because everyone is there for the same thing. They want to have a good time with friends! No one is going sightseeing. Everyone is enjoying the bars and restaurants and soaking up the company of the people they care about.

This party can’t be rained out. No one is worried about the temperature. It’s all about making one last set of memories in 2018! So join us for one more “summer” vacation weekend up at Put-in-Bay for Homecoming!


October 20, 2018 - October 20, 2018


Put-in-Bay , Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

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