17 Aug
19 Aug

For a weekend, our Ohio island retreat morphs into Florida’s equivalent getaway spot. Put-in-Bay hosts its annual Key West Days, the perfect opportunity to experience even more island festivities than usual.

The great proverbial bridge between Put-in-Bay and Key West is the spirit of island life. But another thing the two islands have in common is performers. There is a group of entertainers that perform on Put-in-Bay during the summer and Key West in the winter. Famous Key West performers join the Put-in-Bay staples, and Key West fans spend time here when the weather is a little cooler than the potentially oppressive heat of Florida in the dog days of summer!

If There’s a Key West Days at Put-in-Bay…

You might be wondering, “Well, if there’s a Key West Days at Put-in-Bay, how come there isn’t a Put-in-Bay Days in Key West?” Guess what? There is! This tradition started in February of 2005. Tons of people from Ohio traveled down to Key West to enjoy a slice of summer-style Put-in-Bay in the dead of winter. Sloppy Joe’s Bar, a Key West institution, welcomes Put-in-Bay lovers to come and see their favorite Put-in-Bay performers and celebrate Lake Erie life. This tradition is still going strong today, and Sloppy Joe’s welcomes their northern guests every February.

As you can imagine, Key West Days is all about live entertainment. You can check the websites of your favorite Put-in-Bay bars and restaurants for their live entertainment schedules this weekend.┬áKeep an eye out for Put-in-Bay legends like Mike “Mad Dog” Adams, Pete & Wayne, Ray Fogg and Bob Gatewood. If you don’t get to join us up at the Bay very often, you may not have favorite Put-in-Bay bars. Or at least, you don’t yet! You can click here to learn more about all of the fine establishments at Put-in-Bay and plan your trip to Key West North!

August 17, 2018 - August 19, 2018


Put-in-Bay , Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

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