Have you tried the best pizza on the island yet?!? Swipe Right Pizza is the island’s newest option to feed a hungry tummy. Their specialty is an awesome pizza that’s both hot & fresh. Is it expensive? No way! They do it for less than the big guys downtown in Put-in-Bay, Ohio!

Each one of their specialty pizzas features legalized marinara sauce! What does that mean? You gotta try it for yourself. It even says so on their pizza menu on their website!

The non-standard menu is humorous to read and it is full of little jokes if you look hard enough. Swipe Right features signature pizzas such as the Lorena Bobbitt (featuring: mushrooms, onions, and banana pepper). The Lorena Bobbitt pizza is meatless, of course, so don’t ask for any.

Those with more bland taste buds can try the signature “The Karen” pizza. The Karen comes with plain cheese, sauce, and crust. No toppings. You also get free phone access to the Swipe Right Pizza manager for any complaints. We urge you not to complain!

You should see the menu for yourself as it is constantly evolving. Check for new additions and even the plain old-fashioned pepperoni pizza that just can’t be beaten! Enjoy your Swipe Right Pizza!

They are located right next to Joe’s Bar out by the State Park in Put-in-Bay Ohio.



1402 Catawba Avenue, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

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